Open Letter: NRA should eliminate ratings for politicians supporting Red Flag laws

June 18, 2018 Michael Vass 0

A clear detailed letter to Oliver North requesting the NRA immediately properly rate the NY State Assembly based on their votes for the 5 Red Flag Bills. Such updated ratings should also accompany the loss of any funding or support those that voted for the ERPO’s have received. Plus, the notification to the NY State Senate that a vote for ANY Extreme Risk Protection Order will result in the same corrective rating and loss of support. Because voters and NRA members deserve the truth.

Vote No

Call to Action: Defending our freedom from Red Flag laws

June 17, 2018 Michael Vass 0

Defend our freedom. Tell your State Senator – “I do NOT support any of these Extreme Risk Protection Order or “Red Flag” Bills, and advise you to vote NEA in representing my voice and vote in the NY State Senate. I will be reviewing the votes for each Bill, and will hold you accountable in the next election based on how you represent your constituents.”

Courts and gun laws

Hidden gun restriction Bills pushed by Gov. Cuomo, and their consequences

June 16, 2018 Michael Vass 0

Imagine that across the State, without Due Process, part-time temporary kickball coaches, or school nurses, or school administrators were to call for removal of firearms from homes, especially minority homes according to GAO. Based on a Facebook post or text. Resulting in the children of those homes being removed by CPS. Imagine that happens at a rate 23% higher with minority children than any other group of children. This is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to have enacted via Red Flag law in New York State.

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