What Happened to the Binghamton Political Buzz at Examiner.com

By Michael Vass | August 19, 2016

For a few weeks now I have been asked why links to articles I wrote over the past 3 years at the Examiner.com are no longer working. It’s a simple answer. Politics is not popular, so the public lost another point of access.

Examiner.com is separate of M V Consulting, Inc and its divisions. I wrote articles there like any reporter might for a news media organization, and was paid for the articles I wrote. Examiner, like all companies, sought a profit.

Though I was one of the top 2 local reporters, one of the top 5 regional reporters, and top 25% of national political reporters for Examiner.com, politics doers not make money. Well not in comparison to articles on the latest clothing line, the exploits of whichever rapper in trouble with the law, and endless discussions on gossip of this or that celebrity. Thus Examiner.com did the math and dropped all political, and just about all other, news categories. I understand the business decision.

The fact that the public lost an access point to news that will affect the cost of clothing and all other goods, the ability to afford the multiple products of rappers and entertainers, even the access to gossip and entertainment programs is a problem for the public. But if the public was unwilling to pay attention to politics, who can blame Examiner.com for their decision? How long can a company be expected to run a news division at a loss?
Michael Vasquez
Often I battle with the thought of ending my own news coverage and political commentary. I have lost money 5 of the 9 1/2 years I have been doing this. My 10th anniversary will be another year of net loss. If I were not so committed to providing the public a much needed service, and keeping elected officials accountable, I would have given this up too. If it were just about profit. Because people will stand in lines for a day to get an iPhone and spend $600 or more for it, but they won’t donate $2 to find out that the reason it cost so much is due to the regulations the politicians they elected raised the price – and that those same politicians gave permission to the Government to record every text/tweet/social media post and phone call. It can be frustrating.

One day I may do the math, that I know well, and decide its not worth losing money, and a half dozen hours a day on average, and the wrath of many politicos. One day, I may take the route of Examiner.com, and many newspapers across the nation, and most news media. That day is not today. I don’t think it will be tomorrow either.

But I digress. Examiner.com did the math and accepted that the public doesn’t really care about corruption and abuse of power. So they dropped the articles – but all the articles were long ago reposted here. But that is why the link does not work.


Michael Vasquez
President – M V Consulting, Inc.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Commentary: Saving the country she loves – Lily Tang Williams

By Michael Vass | August 17, 2016

On August 16, 2016, I had the pleasure of publishing a podcast episode at NO Soundbites Allowed, featuring my interview with Senatorial candidate Lily Tang Williams. She is running in the State of Colorado on the Libertarian Party line. For some in the news media, the fact she is on a 3rd Party ticket prevents them from paying attention, but that is a disservice to the people of Colorado and the nation.
Colorado Libertarian Lily Tang Williams
NO Soundbites Allowed was created to bring issues and politicians (of ALL parties and political viewpoints) to the average American, in a somewhat informal manner. Most importantly, its main purpose is to give an avenue to politicians and candidates to speak with the public without the restriction of 30 second soundbites, broadcast news editing (typically of 1 1/2 minutes), or talk radio programming segments (normally 10 – 15 minutes). No Soundbites Allowed gives politicians and candidates the opportunity to fully detail their views and proposals without edit in detail. Few, if any, news media give such open opportunity for the public to get more than a sentence or two on issues that may affect generations.

It’s because of this open format that Lily Tang Williams was recommended for interview. As a Libertarian, most of the news media have ignored her, not based on her qualifications but because her Party affiliation does not have the wealth of Republicans or Democrats. It’s a common occurrence. Candidates that are either in a 3rd Party or lack the financial backing of a major Party routinely get ignored by news media outlets across the country. The fact that some of these candidates might have a compelling message for voters is not a factor in major news media coverage. When I researched Lily Tang Williams, I quickly realized this was a story that deserves and demands national attention.

I am not advocating or asking voters to pick who to vote for. I am advocating that ALL qualified candidates be heard. Mrs. Williams was born and raised for 24 years in China, under the rule of Mao Zedong (commonly known as Chairman Mao). She legally came to America, alone and speaking English poorly, with just $100, with severe threats if she did not return to China. Few would argue that just surviving under those conditions would be challenging. Mrs. Williams thrived.

Mrs. Williams gained a Masters degree, got married, raised 3 children, and started a business. Any woman in America that had such a pedigree would get lauded by the news media for achieving so much from a humble beginning – without considering that she started in this nation as a legal immigrant. But add to this the fact that she started this journey from one of the last refuges of Communism (even as the youth of America is being guided to Socialism) and the success is even more amazing.

Now add to this the fact that she is running for elected office. Compelled to run for the same reason she came to America. Because the Constitution guarantees freedom, as she told me in the interview. In fact, it was the tag line for her campaign that first caught my interest,

“Because I hate to see the country I love becoming more like the country I left.”

I guarantee, were Lily Tang Williams a Democrat, or even a Republican (though she was endorsed by a local Republican organization), the nation would know her name. Were she part of the mainstream political system, I don’t doubt she would have been at one of the presidential conventions as a speaker. Not that she hasn’t been covered in national media before. It was in 2014 that Breitbart covered her challenge to Common Core in Colorado, where she said,

“Common Core, in my eyes, is the same as the Communist core I once saw in China,” Williams continued. “I grew up under Mao’s regime, and we had the communist-dominated education–nationalized testing, nationalized curriculum, and nationalized indoctrination… I don’t know what happened to America, a shining city on a hill for freedom. What’s going on in this country?”

But there is more. In 2013, National Review published an article by Mrs. Williams. The article titled Guns Against Tyranny states in part,

“Remember the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989? Thousands of students were killed by our own soldiers, who followed orders from the top leaders in Beijing. The local residents supported the students but had no means to help them. What if the residents and students had had guns? What if there had been a militia in China at that time? History might have been different.”

Even most recently she again made national headlines (just not with the major news media). It was January 2016 when a post on Facebook went viral. 10,000 likes and a mention from The Blaze followed a post that included this message to President Obama and supporters of gun restriction legislation,

“If you believe more gun control by your government is going to save lives, you are being naïve. The champion of all the mass killings in this world is always a tyrannical government…”

Given, had Mrs. Williams supported Common Core she would be popular in the modern culture. Were Mrs. Williams an illegal immigrant who opposed the Constitution she would be a darling of the Democrat Party. Even if Mrs. Williams were a Republican, her pro-Second Amendment message would have been promoted to the masses long ago. But instead, the major news media and even the NRA (who won’t even send her the candidate questionnaire – something I received when I ran for Congress and I wasn’t well funded but did run as Republican) have thrown Mrs. Williams and her message in the trash bin, as if it has no relevance to the American voter.

In 9 1/2 years of political commentary and interviews with politicians and candidates, I have to say that Lily Tang Williams has a compelling message for voters and a passion for America that honestly is rare in most candidates for any elected office. I have always supported, and provided, the opportunity for ALL candidates to be heard by the public. This candidate, and her pro-America message, is exactly why I do so.

Whether or not the voters of Colorado would vote for Mrs. Williams is a decision only they can make. But that choice should be provided to them and not summarily edited out of contention by major news media purely for political preference reasons. To deny this, or any candidate, the opportunity to share her voice is not just an offense to the First Amendment, it is an assault on the very freedom that motivated her and millions of other legal immigrants journey to America.

** Michael Vasquez is the president of M V Consulting, Inc, a political commentator, and committeeman of the Republican Party. Mr. Vasquez ran for Congress from 2013 to 2014, challenging the Republican incumbent of the New York 22nd Congressional District.

M V Consulting does not endorse nor advocate for any candidate or elected official in any State or election race. Information on candidates and election races are provided to voters to inform and allow voters to make educated decisions on whomever they chose to vote for.**

Rating 3.67 out of 5

Job plans of the NY-22

By Michael Vass | August 16, 2016

New York has problems. It’s not shocking to any resident of the State that the Cato Institute rated New York dead last in terms of freedom on August 16, 2016. The freedom ranking confirms other data that has hit headlines of the months and year, highlighting the detrimental effect of Government intervention via over regulation, high taxation, and a labryinth of local and State agencies. The net result, 600,000 residents left the State along with $5 billion in tax revenues, and tens of thousands of businesses.
On a more regional level we look at the Southern Tier of NY as it reflects much of the nation across various demographics. In the Southern Tier of New York the effect has been a devastation to the population. As 123rd Assembly candidate Dorollo Nixon told Vestal residents on August 15, 2016, “3100 jobs were lost in 2014 alone, and 5000 manufacturing jobs were lost in Binghamton since 2013.” Which is confirmed by the loss of 1,600 jobs in the past year alone according to NY State Dept. of Labor.

Projections show that population over the next 5 years may remain stable, with a slow decrease as timeframe is extended. Critically the 25-44 year old population is expected to increase by 3,121 residents, but the 44-65 year old population will decrease 5,093 residents and retirees will increase by 2,261. Which indicates a growth in the traditionally lowest income group (first-time workers at entry level positions), and the most income locked population (pensioners and Social Security recipients), while the traditional middle-class shrinks. Without changes, the outlook is not positive.

Thus the potential impact of the next Representative for the New York 22nd congressional District could substantially affect constituents – either maintaining the losses or reversing the trend. A review of the announced and published economic plans is warranted for voters contemplations.

Legislator Kim Myers
Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
We reached out to the Myers campaign for comment and information for this article. After more than 72 hours we have not received a response, but if we receive a response it will be published verbatim. Thus we were left to go by the public statements of Legislator Myers, and her campaign website. While sparse, there is a specific indication made.

Based on statements made on WIBX, WNBF, and WUTQ Legislator Myers has repeatedly indicated a preference for Government intervention in business. Most notably, Myers has stated that her focus would be on building infrastructure through Government directed programs (stimulus) to create job growth. Myers has not been more specific on how she would benefit the NY-22 or the nation based on this intervention nor clarified her remarks, as we noted on July 22, 2016

“Based on her interview with Bob Joseph of WNBF on June 30, 2016, and Bill Keeler of WIBX on July 18, 2016, this is what is clear. When asked about job creation, Myers appears to be confused – or at least has difficulty in explaining her position… As for the Government, though President Obama has insisted that Government creates jobs and not individuals, the failure of the Obama Stimulus refutes that. Equally, the failures of Gov. Andrew Cuomo with StartUP NY, and his Democrat-backed economic policies, have cost the State tens of millions with a net result of over 600,000 people, thousands of businesses, and $5 billion in tax revenues leaving the State. How exactly Government creates jobs as Legislator Myers believes was not clarified.”

Stimulus focused on “shovel-ready jobs” was a major attempt by the Obama Administration that cost some $850 billion, and failed to hit any promised target. The political backlash was so extreme that Democrats have by and large avoided the word stimulus since the summer of 2010. But the concept has been revisioned in 2016 by Hillary Clinton at a projected cost of $275 billion – to create a new Agency and attempt to again infuse shovel-ready jobs as a means of job creation and growth via Government impetus. It is unclear if Myers supports or was referencing either of these programs in her public statements. She has generally avoided clarification since she stumbled on WNBF on June 30, 2016 when challenged to acknowledge the economic reality in the Southern Tier. {See video}

According to the only statement on jobs and economy on Kim Myers campaign website, she states in part,

“Just like Upstate New York invested in my family and me, I want to make sure that we are investing in Upstate New York families and businesses so that they can grow and create jobs in our communities.”

A statement made all the more curious, as the total of the $70 million wealth of Kim Myers was created by Dick’s Sporting Goods move OUT of NY State into Pennsylvania where they expanded and entered the stock exchange. This was possible due to lower taxes, less regulation, and tax credit deals that Legislator Myers will not support for NY State, and presumably for the nation if elected to Congress.

Claudia Tenney
Assemblywoamn Claudia Tenney of NY
On August 11, 2016, Republican and Conservative candidate for the New York 22nd Congressional seat Claudia Tenney released a 6-point Jobs Plan to the public. The 3 page plan, while not overly detailed, is specific on areas of focus – both in terms of problems and solutions. The focus of the Tenney plan is the opposite of the Myers campaign, with Tenney seeking to target individual investment into businesses. As she stated in the press release,

“The most important thing Congress can do is reassure Americans that they can invest without fear of crippling tax hikes and regulations, or spiking energy costs.” – Claudia Tenney, August 11, 2016

The Tenney Job Plan addresses many factors that affect jobs not only in the NY-22 but the nation in total. She notes the impact of international trade, via trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as well as the corporate tax rate. Both subjects are not new issues for Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney who wrote against TPP in an article published in the Washington Times on May 1, 2015.

The US corporate tax rate is considered the highest in the industrial world and limits competition of exports. Both political parties agree that a reduction is needed, though they differ in how to enact the tax code reform. Tenney supports a reduction in this rate, to help create new small business and entice US corporations to bring some $2 trillion held overseas back into the nation. A position she has held for several years and stated publicly on national cable news.

Tenney, like Myers, also seeks to spur infrastructure improvement – though the importance and manner are not similar. While Myers apparently seeks the Government to lead and the public to follow, Claudia Tennney wants to end the wasteful pork-barrel spending that has hindered improving national infrastructure. In addition Tenney has suggested having States rank transportation projects on a basis of congestion relief and positive economic impact to reduce bureaucratic clutter in the solutions.

The Tenney Jobs Plan goes on to tackle the underlying issues of all Government waste and inefficiency – cronyism, corporate welfare, and corruption. She declares to end the trend of Government picking winners and losers like Solyndra and A123 Solutions, or as Government programs like StartUP NY. In addition, the Plan supports an ‘all of the above’ energy exploration and development plan to reduce dependence on Middle East oil.

This look at the economic plans of the NY-22 candidates is what has been provided to the public by the candidates. We have included links on several of the subjects for voters to expand their understanding of the issues at hand, what candidates have said in the past (if anything), and the impact. No plan, proposal, or suggestion guarantees or prevents economic health or depression without the support of Congress, and possibly the President.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

NY 52nd State Senate race – the known and unknown

By Michael Vass | August 10, 2016

Since mid-summer all the candidates for the New York 52nd State Senate race were known to the public. But not all candidates are the same. Thus we are providing a summary of the candidates and their major positions for voters to evaluate.

State Senator Fred Akshar
NY 52nd District State Senator Fred Akshar
The best known of all the candidates is State Senator Fred Akshar. He is the incumbent after winning the Special Election of 2015, where he beat Democrat challenger Barbara Fiala in a crushing landslide of 78.5% to 21.5%. Currently the Campaign has over $150,000 on hand as of 8/10/16. Various news media, pundits, and political commentary have predicted a win with a comfortable margin for the incumbent.

With less than a year in the seat, Sen. Akshar has hit some speed bumps. His vote in April to approve the NY State Budget was not viewed positively by all constituents. The vote, in line with the Republican State Senate, to fund the NY SAFE Act, and to allow a portion of the minimum wage increase of Gov. Cuomo caused some stirring of voices. Sen. Akshar addressed this in his interview on April 12, 2016. In that interview, Sen. Akshar stated in part,

“… What’s good to know, moving forward, is before one dollar of that $10 million can be spent there has to be a MoU [memorandum of understanding] put in place, so everybody completely understands how that money is to be expended… My position on the SAFE Act and firearms has never changed. I’m a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment…

…For me, $15 was a non-starter. $12.50 I was not happy with. But $12.50 over a phase-in period was a hell of a lot better than having to deal with him [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] instituting wage boards and everybody going to $15.”

On the positive side of the ledger, Senator Akshar has been very active in the community, speaking with constituents and several public events. In addition, one of the key political promises by Sen. Akshar was in regard to addressing the heroin crisis – which he has done in joining the State Senate Heroin and Opoid Addiction Task Force. The Task Force release recommendations to combat heroin in May 2016.

Separate of the Task Force, Sen. Akshar has also created a small business commission to address the needs in the District, as he stated in the interview at NO Soundbites Allowed on July 18, 2016.

Rich Purtell
Rich Purtell of Libertarian Party
In 2015, a Special Election was needed to replace Tom Libous. The timeframe allotted by Gov. Cuomo for challenges and/or 3rd Party candidates was a shorter than normal petition period. This prevented Rich Purtell of the Libertarian Party from entering the race, based on his statements at that time. But the mechanical engineer did not give up on his desire to run and present his views to the public.

The big challenge for Mr. Purtell is the same for all candidates in the Libertarian Party – name recognition. Without access to the numerous deep pockets that the 2 traditional Party’s maintain, fundraising is a greater hurdle to overcome as seen by his current filing of $343 while he is ttempting to get signatures to guarantee his appearance on the November ballot. Of course this means that traditional media ads will be fewer even after getting on the ballot. In addition, some of the positions of his political platform may be too much for some voters, such as legalization of drugs or removal of automatic weapons from police and military.

Given the uphill battle for attention and advertising, Mr. Purtell does have the advantage of timing. With the significant unfavorable polling of both presidential candidates, public interest in alternative candidates is at an almost all time high (that being the run by Ross Perot). The attention being given to Libertarian Gary Johnson has trickled down ballot to Federal and State elections, boosting the potential for Mr. Purtell.

Additionally, several positions of his political platform are appealing to both Conservatives and Democrats. Opposition to Common Core and reduced property taxes reach across Party lines in appeal. Equally, his focus on fighting institutional corruption has many fans. As Mr. Purtell stated in an interview on June 17, 2016, about the current health provider tax status

“It’s like a money laundering scheme, where New York and other State charge the health care providers a tax… They [States] take that money and give it back to the health care provider and then get a 50% match on the federal funds, so it’s like a money laundering scheme. It’s a shame. It’s very corrupt.”

Sharon Ball
Candidate Sharon Ball
June 20, 2016, Sharon Ball announced her intent to run against incumbent Sen. Fred Akshar. We reached out to the former executive director of the Broome Arts Council who only has a Facebook page for the public to review (her website did not go live on July 22nd as she had mentioned publicly). We have yet to receive a response and will update if and when response is received.

Mrs. Ball has not held a political office, and has never run for an elected office before. The Youtube video of her announcement is off-line. The only real source of information on the candidate is from the interview on WNBF on June 21, 2016.

Mrs. Ball apparently was motivated to run in the same manner as Legislator Kim Myers, as both candidates attribute yelling at TV without further specification. She has also raised funds, with a total of $8,162 as of 8/10/16.

As for the political positions, there is nothing known. Mrs. Ball is against corruption in politics, and use of campaign funds if a politician is charged with corruption. But she has no declared positions or goals. Still she was very clear that, as she said on WNBF,

“I want to represent everyone.”

** M V Consulting, Inc does not endorse nor advocate for any cnadidate in any election. All information is provided to inform the public about the candidates and the issues of the elections. **

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Libertarians on the rise

By Michael Vass | August 10, 2016

After the Democrat and Republican Conventions, the candidates for the 2016 Presidential race were cemented as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. On the one hand Hillary Clinton was no surprise, as she had been the presumptive nominee since she stepped down from her position as Secretary of State (and the recent revelation that the DNC had fixed the primary). For Republicans, Donald Trump was an upstart that the establishment generally loathed while the rank and file cheered. Both candidates share one major commonality – that each have disapproval rates in excess of 50%. Clinton is at 53% unfavorable, Trump at 60.7%.

The last time that Hillary Clinton had a favorability above 50% was in March 2015, just before she held her UN press conference to discuss her private email server, the 30,000 emails she deleted and the FBI investigation into both items. For Donald Trump, who only started having his favorability tracked a little over a year ago, there has been a relatively stable plateau of 35%. It therefore could be said that America would prefer a different option. Many are turning to the Libertarian Party.
Libertarian Party
Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Presidential candidate. He was a Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1993 to 2003, and first ran for President in 2012 as a Libertarian. He, along with Vice Presidential candidate James Gray, received 1% (1.27 million) of the 2012 vote. That was a coup for the Libertarian Party as all other alternatives (combined) in the 2012 race were beaten by Johnson/Gray. Gov. Johnson is considered a Conservative Leaning Libertarian that averages 8.8% in current presidential polls.

But what is a Libertarian, whose Party motto is Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom? It’s a question many Americans are asking for the first time, as they seek another answer to the unfavorable choices of the Republican and Democrat Parties. It’s a question that has sent a rush of news media queries to the Johnson campaign, overwhelming them. Phil Ricci of the Libertarian Party of New York is one spokesman for the Johnson campaign and will be discussing this question at our podcast NO Soundbites Allowed in the next week. But another way to view the Libertarian Party may be by the candidates in local and regional races. Two of those candidates are Rich Purtell and Alex Merced.

Rich Purtell is the candidate for the NY 52nd State Senate race facing the popular incumbent Sen. Fred Akshar. Mr. Purtell attempted to enter the Special Election race in 2015, but was unable to do so due to the shortened petition period. In our exclusive interview on June 17, 2016, the candidate identified part of his political platform,

“Issues like property tax hikes, growth in medicaid and unfunded mandate costs, Common Core and fraud/corruption are top on his list of problems that need to be resolved. But less well publicized issues like health provider taxes are equally in his crosshairs.”

Mr. Purtell described the Libertarian philosophy as

“That’s a Libertarian concept. Choice originates from individuals. If it’s some other process that’s not individual choice then you are starting drift away from Libertarian philosophy. When the choice is made by someone other than yourself, people are choosing for you, you’re loosing freedom you’re losing liberty.”

Similarly, yet not quite the same, is the Libertarian choice for NY Senate, Alex Merced. He faces decades long-term incumbent Sen. Charles Schumer. In our exclusive interview on August 8, 2016 (Part 1 and Part 2) Mr. Merced described some aspects of his political platform including: creating and enhancing peace internationally via trade; legalizing drugs to reduce gang violence and terrorist funding; a more generous immigration policy and a path to residency (with a potential for citizenship); opposition to a federal minimum wage and privatizing unemployment.

The privatizing of unemployment may be the most unique, yet descriptive, example of the Libertarian view of governance. The unique idea, first posed in 1995 by Mark Wilson of the Heritage Foundation as part of a reasoning to close the Department of Labor, was explained by Mr. Merced as,

“My problem with unemployment insurance is not that it exists… my issue is how it is handled now… What I am proposing is to create those markets [privatized unemployment insurance] by giving people a tax credit for purchasing private unemployment insurance, creating those markets so people can price in that risk… We’ve taken so much pricing of risk taking out of the markets that society as a whole is taking more risk and making more risky decisions and that’s why we have the stagnation and the boom and bust we have at the moment.”

In essence, Mr. Merced is taking Government out of the equation, and emphasizing individual responsibility in planning for not only unemployment but also the quality of work they hope to enjoy. A potential program that is wholly dedicated to the motto of minimum government and maximum freedom – which includes the freedom and consequences of taking on risk.

Whether or not Libertarians will win the local and State races, or even the Presidential race, all the Libertarians we have spoken to thus far have agreed. 2016 may well be the year that finally a third option in politics will become a reality for the public. If that is true, the political landscape may change drastically. An example is the challenge to NY Election Law 6-104(i), which prevents registered voters from other States to gather petitions from NY residents on behalf of NY candidates. Mr. Merced notes that there is an on-going court challenge to that law, which could have a significant impact on the presence of third parties in elections at all levels in New York State.

Ultimately voters will make it clear where they stand in November. But no matter who is elected, Democrats and Republicans may soon be sharing the stage with Parties previously thought to be inconsequential. As President Hoover once said,

“Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.” Herbert Hoover

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Binghamton Spiedie Fest: A political gold mine

By Michael Vass | August 6, 2016

On August 6, 2016, I had the opportunity to go to the annual Spiedie Fest at Otsiningo Park in Binghamton, New York. My goal was to attend the event just like the majority of the public – to see the vendors, walk in the park on a beautiful summer day, and enjoy the event. But as a well known political commentator, politics filled my time at the event (which as a political junkie is not a bad thing either). Here is a slice of the life of a political commentator trying to have a day off at a local event.
Spiedie Fest
Right as I walked into Otsiningo Park, I met with Libertarian Rich Purtell. I have spoken with Mr. Purtell several times over the years, and recently interviewed him about his run for the NY 52nd State Senate race. He was busy getting signatures and a sun tan.

Once I got into the Spiedie Fest proper, I ran into the tent for the Republican and Conservative Party NY 22nd congressional race candidate Claudia Tenney. I was told she was at the Spiedie Fest yesterday, and will arrive at the event a little later today. The campaign was very positive about the success in the Primary and the outlook in November.
From there I continued to check out the many vendors, like the Cheese Filled Company. They had great samples of Cheese Filled Pepperoni, with Extra Sharp Cheddar and Habanero to name a few. Close to that vendor was the TEA Party tent. I learned that signs for Donald Trump for President had so quickly on Friday that none were left. Backorders had piled up. Confirming the strength of the results, and my prediction (that turnout among Republicans and Conservatives will be higher than Democrats by a margin of 3 to 2), from the Presidential Primary in April.

From there I ran into Libertarian Alex Merced. He is running in the NY Senate race. He too will challenge 30 year incumbent Sen. Charles Schumer, along with Republican Wendy Long. I found out that Mr. Merced will be on WNBF on Monday, and tentatively arranged to have an interview for my Tuesday episode of the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast.

Immediately after that Binghamton City Councilman Conrad Taylor said hello at the LUMA tent. The now annual National Projection Arts Festival, scheduled for September 2, 2016, expects some 25,000 attendees. Excitement is running high, as several new projection techniques are planned for this year. As Councilman Taylor explained, the buildings will be interactive with the projections, raising the bar on what the public will receive from the event.

But Councilman Taylor was not the only Democrat politician busy at the event. Councilwoman Dani Cronce was at Spiedie Fest with her son as well. Either as a poke of fun, or as part of her work supporting Kim Myers, she handed me a flyer for the Myers Campaign. Kim Myers herself was not at Spiedie Fest to my knowledge, but there is another day to go. We are now waiting some 148 days for the opportunity to interview Mrs. Myers as Briam Lenzmier prommised us on March 4, 2016.

Of course Kim Myers was not the only NY-22 candidate that has avoided answering questions of the public and media. Martin Babinec was also on hand at Spiedie Fest. With a crew of 5 staff members, one filming Babinec speaking with his staff (but no interactions with the public that I saw), I jumped at the chance to get a response from the 3rd Party candidate that has declined to answer our questions since April 14, 2016.

Babinec (who immediately stated he was aware of who I was and what I have written about the NY-22 race just by mention of my name) declined to accept our invitation to interview, deferring to his staff to determine if he should answer the questions of the public and media. When reminded that as the candidate, if he said yes his staff could arrange a time and place, Babinec deferred to his campaign manager Jim Baker. Mr. Baker, who appeared a bit agitated at someone asking Mr. Babinec to answer questions outside of the planned messaging of Facebook and ads the campaign has relied on since being removed from the Independence Party line for failure to abide by the requirement to have registered voters collect signatures.

Mr. Babinec too stated that he felt coverage of his run was incomplete. While he did not dispute the facts presented about his campaign, he felt that the questions asked of all candidates in the race by VASS Political Commentary were too harsh. He made no comment about the failure of his campaign to inform us of any response or challenge to any commentary made to date. Ultimately, Mr. Baker assured us that he will personally consider if the campaign will respond to the questions of constituents as we present them.

It is unclear if Mr. Babinec will release the complete unedited video that his staff filmed of our discussion, but then again he might not have a need. Vendors and public observing the discussion noted that a member of the DNC, from Washington DC, was present and also taped the entire discussion. It is possible that the DNC, on behalf of Kim Myers, may well publicize the aversion to answer constituents.

In all, the Spiedie Fest is a great on-going event. It is an example of a community celebrating the deep culture in the region, while at the same time displaying how important and intertwined politics are to the everyday lives of residents. Even if many went without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about, and potentially shape, how these politics will affect their lives in the future.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

An honest snapshot of economy and jobs

By Michael Vass | August 5, 2016

With the release of the July unemployment figures, on August 5, 2016 with the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.9%, the White House is touting cherry-picked numbers to give an impression of success. But political talking points often fail to connect with the reality Americans live with every day.
There is no question that official unemployment figures are down (U-3). But the oft quoted figure fails to show the struggles that are the daily life for many in the nation. The U-6, which stands at a hair under double the official unemployment rate at 9.7%, conveys both those without a job and those that cannot get full-time employment. The difference is more than arbitrary, as many who cannot get full time work seek Government aid. In fact it is because of the high rate of the U-6 that some 162 million Americans are getting Government aid. That figure exceeds the number of Americans in the workforce by 11 million Americans.

That alone makes the comments by the White House farcical. Rather than address the reality, the White House has chosen to view the economy via a rose-colored microscope to bolster the legacy of President Obama and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. The White House released a statement that say in part,

“U.S. businesses have now added 15.0 million jobs since private-sector job growth turned positive in early 2010, and the longest streak of total job growth on record continued in July.”

That sounds great. But it completely ignores the overwhelming amount of data showing job growth is not keeping up with the needs of the nation: [data from Bureau of Labor Statistics]

  • 94.6 million Americans (59% of Laborforce) are without jobs and not counted as part of the unemployment rate
  • 88,000 self-employed farmers and agricultural business owners lost their business over the past year to date
  • 62,000 non-agricultural self-employed business owners closed down in the last year to date
  • Unemployment rate for the 16-19 age group is 14.1%, an increase year to date
  • Black unemployment rate is officially 8.4% (71% higher than U-3) with 12.4 million not counted as unemployed
  • Hispanic unemployment is officially 5.4% (10% higher than U-3) with 13.9 million not counted as unemployed

    While these figures are important, they did not meet the muster of the White House. Reality is not nearly as important as a positive message in an election year. Highlighting that the universally accepted engine of job growth – self employment – is decreasing and thus a long-term problem for the nation, does not win elections nor gain positive historical review. Thus the public is quoted data that makes no sense out of context.

    “So far in 2016, job growth has averaged a solid 186,000 jobs a month, well above the pace needed to maintain a low and stable unemployment rate…” – White House, August 5, 2016

    186,000 jobs a month sounds impressive, when it is isolated and out of context. But that happens when it is put in context? Like when the average number of new jobs to keep up with population growth is added to the sentence. The sentence would become:

    So far in 2016, job growth has averaged a solid 186,000 jobs a month, (short by 34,000 jobs/month needed to keep up with population growth which is 220,000 per month) well above the pace needed to maintain a low and stable unemployment rate…

    In context the boast by the White House sounds incredulous. They are touting a shortfall. They are cheering a failure. Which only can be done by keeping the information out of context and ignoring critical date that creates a clear snapshot of the economic health of the nation. Scouring the economic data of the nation can always provide some figure that will be positive, but that does not mean it reflects the nation.

    It is a fact that America is better off than the worst days of the recession, but that does not mean America is healthy. The proof is that the Obama Administration is the first to NEVER have a year of 3% GDP growth. A historical fact the White House is desperate to avoid discussing. A fact that, in combination with the complete picture of employment data, shows failure.

    Cherry-picked data, obscuring facts, and a microscopic view of the nation may help to preserve votes in an election year, yet the average American will not find it easier to pay a single bill. That’s the honest snapshot.

    Rating 4.00 out of 5
  • Commentary: Kim Myers response to challenging questions

    By Michael Vass | August 4, 2016

    On August 3, 2016, Legislator Kim Myers appeared on the Talk of the Town on WUTQ – a popular Utica radio station. It was just the third time the Democrat candidate for the New York 22nd Congressional District has spoken to the public since the June 28th Republican Primary. But the interview was very telling for voters.
    Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
    Once again, Kim Myers was very unspecific in addressing the talk show hosts and the public listening in. An example of this is her response about why she decided to run. In a virtually verbatim statement to the one she gave to WIBX previously, Myers noted that she was “screaming at the television set” and decided to run based on that. This is an empty statement. It neither states what issue upset Myers, nor what resolution to this unknown issue she could provide if she were to be elected to Congress.

    Further, that answer also ignores the political reality. Given only political junkies, pundits, and commentators may be the only ones that were aware of that political reality. But Kim Myers was only approached to run after Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi backed out of the race at the start of the year. Even with that, it took her months to finally be convinced to take on the election. According to sources that request to be unnamed, the key factor was the independent wealth of Myers – allowing the Democrat Party to focus the majority of their funding on local races instead.

    But one might excuse the failure to divulge the Party nuances with the general public. Even the lack of answer to the most basic question is excusable, if Myers were not a politician as see claimed. Except Legislator Myers is a politician. Both in her 18 years on the Vestal School Board and her position as Broome County Legislator. To claim otherwise is a deception, meant to take advantage of the current political environment where outsiders are preferred – especially in the highly corrupt NY political arena.

    That minor dishonesty isn’t a big deal though. It’s the normal political oxymoron that candidates throw around that many ignore. What is a big deal is how Myers has so much trouble conveying her ideas. In her conversations on WNBF, WIBX, and now WUTQ (in order of appearances) Myers seems troubled in conveying the issues and her solutions. Her explanation on a focus on jobs was unfocused.

    She loosely connects an emphasis on infrastructure as a means to create jobs. This of course flies in the face of a similar statement and attempt by Democrats with the infamous “Shovel-ready jobs.” A focus on infrastructure that failed to create significant numbers of jobs, created predominantly short-term jobs, and cost more than the jobs themselves. How her position differs from the failed Obama Stimulus or that of Hillary Clinton is unclear, though it appears to indicate that greater levels of Government intervention is needed – the kind that supporter Rep. Nancy “pass it to learn what’s in it” Pelosi advocates. The kind of intervention that over the past 7 1/2 years has lead to an increase in the number of Americans outside the laborforce, a decrease in the number of Self-employed, and the lowest participation rate in 40 years.

    Still it gets worse. For the first time in any of the talk radio interviews, Kim Myers was faced with a challenge of her views. This may well be the first time she has faced a challenge to her views, as she spent 4 months of the race outside the view of the public and the only confirmed campaign discussions to-date have been with fellow Democrats that agree with her positions. When asked to clarify her position on big government, about reducing taxes, about why she supports Common Core, Myers apparently was lost.

    Her defense of Dick’s was both misguided and wrong. The statement in question was

    “… She doesn’t want to give people the same opportunity Dick’s got to make the $70 million she now has. She won’t give that to other people?” – Michael Vasquez – August 3, 2016

    The response by Myers was about tax breaks that Dick’s Sporting Goods received. Tax breaks that several news media reported – in 2010 and others easily found in a Google search – Dick’s did and has received over the years.

    But what exactly does that have to do with creating jobs? Reduction in tax levels and fewer redundant regulations allowed Dick’s Sporting Goods to grow and make Kim Myers $70 million. Was the question somehow unclear? Or does Kim Myers nto understand what it takes to grow a business without Government intervention at every step?

    It’s similar to her response, on WNBF on June 30, 2016 (her first appearance to voters in 4 months of the congressional race). When asked if the success her family has enjoyed can be reproduced by host Bob Joseph, Myers was lost to answer. The exact audio is here,

    But here is the bigger point. Kim Myers seems unprepared, or incapable, of answering questions that challenge her view. She appears to be unfamiliar with basic issues facing a potential member of Congress. She is averse to address challenges, even after 4 months of uninterrupted preparation.

    If a relatively simple questions in talk radio interviews, and a basic challenge from a call-in guest and constituent, are all it takes to fluster Legislator Kim Myers, how in the world will she be able to handle members of Congress? If she does not understand the base reality facing the middle-class and small business owners, how will she address issues like national corporate tax rates, the national debt, the debt ceiling, and rampant Government spending? Separate of domestic economics, how about the difficult and intricate issues of national security, ISIS, Iran and nuclear weapons?

    With barely 90 days left in the congressional race, voters in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier have little time to learn more about Kim Myers besides the fact she is a member of the Democrat Party. Thus far, Myers herself has been resistant to allow the public to gain greater insight. Given her responses to basic questions, a strategy of ads and more ads and partisanship may be the correct political choice. Though that selfishly only serves Myers interests.

    But in fairness, we again put forward an offer to the Myers Campaign to address our questions and observations. For the past 160 days we have offered to do an interview, of whatever length Kim Myers would like or needs to cover her positions and political platform. As has always been our policy, that interview will be provided to the public without edit, verbatim. We continue to await a response.

    Therefore the last question we will pose in this article is the most important. Is Kim Myers a credible choice to represent the NY-22 in Congress? Voters will decide in November, but what they will base that choice on is unclear.

    Rating 3.00 out of 5

    Why is nationally televised crime not prosecuted?

    By Michael Vass | July 26, 2016

    On July 25, 2016, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) began. Many on the Right, as well as supporters for Sen. Bernie Sanders, were in an uproar because of revelations that under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the DNC actively sabotaged the potential for any nomination besides that of Hillary Clinton. Essentially, the DNC eliminated the ability of the public to make a honest choice and turned them into Democrat zombies in a narrow hallway. Yet, as bad as that is, the Convention got worse.

    This is not about the planned acquiescence to Black Lives Matter (BLM), a splinter group of the Democrat Party best know for hate speech that has led to multiple assassination of police officers across the nation. The Democrat Convention in Philadelphia will stumble into that pandering to emotion tonight, July 26, 2016, with several mothers that claim police incorrectly killed their children taking stage.

    A claim that is refuted in many cases by eye witness accounts and CSI evidence. A presentation all the more odd considering that it was Democrats that made the claim that allowing a mother of a victim of violence was pandering – when that mother had a son killed in Benghazi and told by Hillary Clinton nothing could be done and that no one could expect such a turn of events from a video release. It would seem that using tears of a mother are only appropriate when on a Democrat stage, evoking Democrat causes.

    But that too is not a crime in a legal sense. Both may morally poor choices, but no law directly disallows this (more investigation into Wasserman-Schultz actions is needed, but the Department of Justice already made clear that Hillary Clinton has a pass on crimes). That said, a crime was on clear display for the nation to see, and apparently the DNC was sure that the public would be too dumb, ill-informed, and misdirected by the majority of news media to notice.

    DREAM Act hopefuls
    When Astrid Silva and Karla Ortiz spoke to applause at the DNC Convention, it was a criminal offense. Even as Karla Ortiz painted a picture of woe if she and her parents were brought to justice for their active evasion of law, 8 US Code 1324 (iii) was being violated. Karla said,

    “Hillary Clinton told me that she would do everything she could to help us.”

    That statement, said by an 11 year old to try to ensure hearts would be opened while minds shut down, was sweetly delivered. But it was factually false. Because, as the chief law enforcement agent of the nation – if Hillary Clinton were to be elected somehow – Karla and her family should be arrested and deported for violating the laws that exist, and not what Hillary Clinton and Democrats would like. But long before that potentially dark day for the US legal system, a few more people need to be arrested and prosecuted.

    8 USC 1324 (iii) states

    “knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;”

    For those that don’t get the connection, not only was bringing Karla Ortiz and Astrid Silva to the Convention violating 8 USC 1324 (ii) by transporting them, having them on stage was harboring them in “reckless disregard.” As for the catch-all from Director Comey, intent, well that is pretty clear.

    Someone vetted the illegal aliens, to confirm they were in fact illegal. Someone arranged to transport them to the Convention – likely providing housing and likely transporting other family members – after confirming they are in the nation illegally and actively fugitives. Someone put them on stage, and ensured that no member of law enforcement at the event would arrest or turn over these criminals to I.C.E.

    That’s active commission of a crime, aiding and abetting a crime, and violation of 8 USC 1324. Every person directly involved in the above should be arrested – if the law applies equally to Democrats as Republicans. Every person that was aware and approved the above is involved in a conspiracy to commit a crime. The evidence was the national televised speech and the very confirmation that they are illegal aliens.

    But the major news media has ignored violation of the law, because this was a DNC event. The FBI remains shackled by the DoJ and their subservience to the Obama Administration and Democrats. The signal sent to illegal aliens in the nation, and those hoping to enter the nation in the future, was clear – Hillary Clinton has no intention to follow the law, as long as support for Democrats is given.

    No matter what else happens throughout the week, no matter how many attempts to blind voters minds with emotional displays occurs, the fact is that the DNC Convention in Philadelphia is a criminal enterprise. Voters are expected to be ignorant and subservient, in fact it is considered an absolute fact. Because if the FBI absolution of crime did not end the Hillary Clinton presidential run, if the deception against Sen. Sanders and his supporters could not end the run, the American people have no option.

    Whether that is true or not will depend on the results in November.

    Rating 3.00 out of 5

    Transcript: The Second Amendment in Norwich NY by Michael Vasquez

    By Michael Vass | July 25, 2016

    The following is the transcript of the prepared remarks for the speech by Michael Vasquez, president of M V Consulting Inc, on July 23, 2016 in Norwich, New York at the 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival sponsored by Southern Tier SCOPE. Following the transcript will be video of the actual speech which has minor live adjustments. We present this to the public for full transparency.

    The speech was written by Michael Vasquez, who has been a political commentator for 9 1/2 years. This is exclusive coverage, and no other news media has presented the following to the public.

    County Executive Rob Astorino, Michael Vasquez, Sen. Fred Akshar
    When I was first honored with an invitation to speak before this great audience, with a list of fellow speakers of such magnitude, I was a bit embarrassed if I may be direct. I was not sure I was worthy of such an honor, but I will strive to live up to the ability and communication of my fellow speakers. Such great =, honorable, and powerful individuals in the fight to defend our Second Amendment as it defends all of our RIights in this nation, truly I am grateful to be on this stage.

    That said, I am not at a loss of things to say either.

    For those of you who have followed my political commentary, my podcasts, my speeches at events like this, large and small, you know I believe 2 things very strongly. That a lkey to the greatness of our nation is the fact that we have the 1st Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment.

    The First because it protects our freedom to speak about things that some may not like – without hate speech or inciting violence like Black Lives Matter and others of their ilk. This, our open, free, and direct celebration of thought and the Constitution embraces the core of our nation and Rights. Such as the debate on whether conceal carry could protect innocent lives in our schools and social events. Protection from events live San Bernadino and Orlando.

    It’s an old conversation our nation needs to have again, camly and without the distraction of emotion that our opponents thrive on. A conversation this is honest – unlike say Hillary Clinton who preys on the emotions of the nation to promote her political agenda as she did in Philadelphia when she tried to claim that there is a problem with America and not Mentally deranged violent domestic terrorists.

    But such discussion, on this and issues like FBI investigations without consequence to political elites; Executive overreach; our national debt; creating jobs without Government intervention – jobs that will actually last and be a boon to our communities and nation – all these discussions can only happen with the power of the Second Amendment behind it. Because it is only as our Founding Fathers envisioned, that the Government should fear and respect the power of the people because the populace can and does arm itself, that enables the peaceful governance of America that has continued for 240 years.

    It is for this reason that the 9th Circuit Court also sided with us, stating that our ability to buy and sell firearms shall not be infringed, as it is the backdoor to taking and limiting our access to the firearms
    that hold our Government at bay. Mind you, I love our Government.

    Michael Vasquez
    Yes it is flawed (as the FBI and Department of Justice showed us in recent weeks), and yes I do not always agree (and I mean you Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Obama). But only in America can our nation transition peacefully from President to President, and each of us not only has the power to become a part of our Government, we can directly help to change the course of that Government.

    That need to shape our Government, to set the nation on the right path, may never be more present than it is today. Career politicians (like Gov. Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others) prey on emotional moments of the nation, injecting false images of safety at the highest cost of personal freedom – merely because they don’t like the cosmetic look or idea of firearms. Which smacks of arrogance when we consider these same people are surrounded by armed guards. A level of protection that they feel is only warranted for the select few elites they approve of, if Rep. Charlie Rangel is to be understood.

    It’s because of these people, what i like to call modern day political nobles or career politicians, that we must be vigilant. Laws like the SAFE Act, and overreach like the Executive Orders of 2013 by President Obama, seek to turn the public into serfs – with Obamacare and Common Core thrown in to make sure the job is done. It is these disconnected career politicians, their restrictive laws, and the attempt to dumb-down the populace that endangers the very fabric of our nation.

    Probably not today or tomorrow. Not while generations still remember the freedoms we have and the meaning of our Constituion. But in 5 years? 10? Or 20? Their plan is to win over time, counting on the nation to forget and become complacent.

    That is why events like this one today is so important. It’s why organizations like SCOPE and Gun Owners of America, Conservatives and TEA Party, Republicans and even non-progressive members of the Democratic Party need to gather and speak out with a loud clear voice. We are free because we are not afraid to speak even as the PC mongers seek to silence us. We are free because we restrain the Government from corruption that would otherwise overrun it. We are free because we are Americans and embrace all that entails!

    Right now there are over 300 million firearms in America. In New York alone there are 5 million law abiding gun owners. IF firearms were as evil as our political opponents believed, there would be no people in the nation. IF law abiding gun owners were as reckless and dangerous as the Liberal Left claim, New York State would be like Detroit or Chicago.

    But we know the truth. Our neighbors and communities know the truth. Even Progressives like Clinton and DeBlasio and Cuomo know the truth. That truth is law abiding gun owning Americans are some of the most respectful, cautious, and life affirming people in the world!

    Yet, these Progressives would have the world believe that the leading city for deaths by firearms, Chicago, is to be emulated no rejected. That the full range of restrictive laws in California they hope to make a national reality will allow the public to be covered in a blanket of bliss rather than blood. That an inanimate object, a firearm or a truck, hold a devious will as opposed to the mentally deranged or criminal in intent like we saw in Dallas and Baton Rouge or overseas once again in France and now Germany.

    When you say it out loaud it sounds silly doesn’t it? When you think about it rationally, it sounds incoherent. The rally call of the Progressive seem more akin to mad ravings than sound domestic policy. And I can prove it.

    What happens when a deranged criminal breaks into your home to cause you and your family harm? You and I defend our families. What does a SAFE Act loving Progressive do in the same situation? Do they open their arms and try to give the criminal a hug? Do they try to open a dialog to investigate the childhood terrors of the crinimal? NO, they do what you and I would – just like North Carolina Democrat State Senator Soles who shot the intruders in his home.

    Even so, we cannot wait for each Progressive Liberal leader and politician to come to a desparate situation before they realize the error of their ways. Nor should we ever feel like we have to, because the grief the day after San Bernadino, after Orlando, after Nice France is too late. Our Founding Fathers took great care when they wrote the 2nd Amendment, making sure that the needs of the people would be foremost and all-encompassing. Thus this brings me to the point of my speech. For the Liberals and Progressives that actually are listening to this, if you heard nothing else, pay attention now.

    Michael Vasquez, Assemblyman Bill Nojay, SCOPE president Tom Reynolds
    Government, especially the American government, is best when it does the least. No government can micromanage the lives of the citizens. Communism and Socialism have tried for 75 years and failed in every part of the planet they can be found. Creating more and more redundant laws isolating more and more law abiding citizens neither makes the public free nor safe.

    America does not have a problem with a lack of laws. We already have a law to cover killing innocents – it’s called murder. We already have laws in place to address prejudice and hate – aptly called hate crimes. Banning an AR-15 will not stop murder. Limiting magazine sizes will not end hate crimes.

    Gun bans and restriction of freedoms, like proposals to place millions on secret lists without due cause – a rule that begs violation of our 4th Amendment to guarantee compliance – do nothing to save lives or promote freedom. They just micromanage lives and grow the government into a police state like China and nations that millions flee in favor of America every year.

    Gun owners in America are compassionate people. We love our families, neighbors, and communities fiercely. We live by the laws of our nation; when those laws are just and enacted with due process.Bit NO American should ever be subject to the heavy hand of Government. That’s why the NY SAFE Act has less than 1% compliance. That’s why responsible Americans oppose secret lists denying Rights and freedoms without prior notice and no means of correction and/or removal.

    But in America we don’t need a revolution to protect our Rights. At least not the kind of revolution that sheds blood or takes lives. We have a more powerful tool. We can vote.

    I mentioned the 5 million gun owners in New York just a moment ago. That one voting bloc, filled with Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and yes even Democrats, are more than enough to change the course of this State, as an example. It would take just one election cycle, voting out career politicians and would-be nobles and replacing them. Just one election cycle to replace members of Congress, the NY Assembly, the Governor, and local elected officials. That one act would not only re-secure our path back to the Rights of the original 13 States, but it would send a message rippling across the nation.

    As a nation of gun owners, our vote can secure the Second Amendment too. Our next President and those we send to Congress, will pick at least 1 if not 3 Supreme Court Justices. As I mentioned, there are several cases that will define the 2nd Amendment for the next generation or more. Who we collectively pick will either continue the legacy of freedom that has been paid for with the blood and lives of far too many members of our military, OR we can choose Hillary Clinton and the Progressives that will continue to whittle away our freedoms until the nation is just one big Chicago or Baltimore.

    SCOPEnorwich 043
    I am often asked, ‘what is more powerful than a gun?’ The answer should not surprise anyone. It’s an American citizen armed with the Constitution and cloaked in the power of our vote. That alone is enough power to promote freedom, and uplift tens of millions across the globe. If we use it.

    So I am here today, with so many powerful speakers on this stage, with the support and good will of everyone in the audience, with everyone watching or hearing this over the internet, to make a call to arms. I say to each of you, RISE UP! Use that power of the vote. Together we can guarantee the freedom of speech, and protect our future generations from a short-sighted micromanaging Government!

    Finally I will say what may be the most powerful and motivating sentence ever said in the world.

    “WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, dod ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    I thank you for joining me in celebrating our nation and our Constitution, and allowing me to speak with you today. My name is Michael Vasquez. May God bless America.

    This is the complete, unedited video of the actual speech as given on July 23, 2016 at the Southern Tier SCOPE sponsored event.

    Rating 3.00 out of 5