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A discussion on voting, guns, and taking food from SUNY students and community

November 27, 2017 Michael Vass 0

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo - State Office Building, 17th Floor 44 Hawley St.  Binghamton, NY 13901   607-723-9047 Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi - 207 Genesee Street Rm 401 Utica, NY 13501  315-732-1055 County Executive Jason [...]

NY-22 potential candidate Nicholas Wan

Nicholas Wan, candidate for Congress, maybe if the money is right

October 16, 2017 Michael Vass 0

The biggest problem for Mr. Wan is not his age nor complete inexperience in politics and governance. The 27 year old resident of the Southern Tier has a far more pressing problem, is he actually a candidate? The answer is conditional, and therefore most would look at his candidacy as a modern-era publicity stunt.

Result of gun free zones and gun restriction legislation

A deep look at mass shootings and gun control facts

October 6, 2017 Michael Vass 0

The logic is therefore, if a firearm looks menacing it should be banned to enhance public safety. Given these actions, addressing the look of a firearm and mere possession as well as the broadest classifications of firearms and documentation of ownership, has the public become safer? No. Empirically, the only answer is no.

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Claudia Tenney speaks at Southern Tier Tea Party event in downtown Binghamton NY

October 2, 2017 Michael Vass 0

The guest speaker at the event, Congresswoman Tenney, spoke for more than the 2 hours planned for the event. A full range of topics were covered including: North Korea, healthcare, tax reform, bipartisanship, President Trumps obsession with Twitter, gun control, Puerto Rico aide, & more in a series of questions written and submitted by attendees at the event.

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