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Response to Joshua Riley on Immigration Ban

July 3, 2017 Michael Vass 0

To put this into perspective with clarity, the thinking that promotes the concept that policy change will improve relations with radical fanatical Islamic terrorists and nations promoting terror is akin to saying that since children are innocent suicide bombs won’t kill them. The statement, and mindset behind it, is both ludicrous and offensive at every level.


Exclusive: Libertarian Party of NY reacts after 2016 elections in Binghamton NY

November 14, 2016 Michael Vass 0

If this group decides that being a official Party of NY State and reaching ballot access is important I will suggest that 2018 may well be our last opportunity to do that. Because if we do not make it in 2018, we are going to get priced out of Republican and Democrats game. – James Rosenbeck

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