Testimonial: Frank Johnson of Liberty First Foundation

Frank Johnson, Liberty First Foundation, Col. Oliver North in Binghamton, NY
Frank Johnson, co-founder of the Liberty First Foundation, and NRA President Col. Oliver North in Binghamton, NY

I met Michael Vasquez some years back when I attended a presentation he was doing for one of the groups I am affiliated with. I was immediately impressed with his grasp of the subject and his thoughtful and concise conclusions. Since first meeting him, I have attended conferences wherein Michael was the keynote speaker, or contributed to the discussion, again, with logical, fact based assessments.

I regularly watch his podcasts and was so impressed with his coverage that when I founded my own Civil Rights organization, I asked Michael to be one of our voices….a decision that I am still happy I made. I have never met someone so dedicated to the cause of freedom and liberty. It is not only in his words and deeds that one will find rational, thought provoking sentiments, but in his calm, friendly demeanor as well.

While never being confrontational, Michael finds his way to the root and substance of the matter and challenges those with opposing points of view. not with anger or defamatory intent, but rather from a standpoint of experience and consequence. Even on the rare subjects where Michael and I differ philosophically, I can always expect him to be respectful, endearing, and committed to a substantive debate. He is a credit to his profession as well as his ideology, and i am proud to call him both a colleague and a friend.

Frank V. Johnson
Co-Founder, Liberty First Foundation.

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