Matt Ryan, former Mayor of Binghamton

Live on WNBF: Is there bias in media against Republicans? Does candidate for Sheriff Matt Ryan support Antifa?

Focused on the Southern Tier, the question of not only what the media does not tell voters, but how they discuss what they do tell on several issues is brought up. Additionally, a Far left candidate running for Broome County Sheriff reveals his view of the domestic terrorism group Antifa and its threat of violence in New York. We bring it to you as it was said live without edit.

Michael "Vass" Vasquez in Tioga County

Facebook Commentary: Dan Livingston on WNBF denies answers to public in election bid

Dan Livingston appeared on the BinghamtonNow talk news program on WNBF. In the live interview candidate Livingston avoided providing public and voters critical answers that many feel are required for an informed vote. These are the comments and tweets published during the interview and afterwards on social media.

UK Socialized medicine could kill baby Alfie Evans

A different take on Bill Cosby, Alfie Evans, North Korea, and candidate Anthony Brindisi in Norwich NY

Government accountant deciding to kill a baby? Ridicule, hate, and maybe jail for being Black and off the Liberal reservation? Donald Trump getting Nobel Peace Prize? Congressional candidate Brindisi denying publicity? Oh it has been one hell of a week for this No Soundbites Allowed podcast episode.

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