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Iran’s nuclear ambition and the deal to let it happen – 11/24/13

Nuclear weapons are a Pandora’s Box, once opened it cannot be closed. Deals that require no burden of proof or assurance of compliance from Iran are not deals, but false hope based on nothing but the naive expectations of the parties that involved.

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Why won’t the White House answer the question?

Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked how much does a round of golf for President Obama cost? Karen Holliday of the GAO says ask the OMB. Dionne Hardy of the OMB has yet to reply. If the Government is stonewalling a response on a simple matter like this, what else is the Government unwilling to disclose – especially from the “most” transparent Presidency “ever”?

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CIA Director Petraeus is only the latest in growing web of questions

Thus the question of what was known by the White House, and when, is critical. IF the White House was aware of the extramarital affair, why did it not act sooner? Was the delay due to the ramifications it may have had on the 2012 election? If the White House knew, did they make a deal for David Petraeus to “fall on his sword” and deflect attention, post-election, with his resignation rather than answer what the CIA and White House knew about the Benghazi attack and when?

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The Reid Plan, or how to lose and call it a win

In other words, in the world of real people budgets, if you don’t spend $3000 on a new set of golf clubs – that you can’t afford to buy – you just increased your wealth by $3000. Therefore you now have extra money to buy a $1500 new flat screen television – which you still can’t afford. Try that on the wife (or wives, try a similar example on yur husbands) and see what happens. See if it will work with your credit card company too.

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