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Democrats eat their own in display of Party over people

Senator Charles Schumer, one of the most powerful elected Democrats, is being punished for following the will of his constituents and rebuking the Iran nuclear deal. But Sen. Schumer is not supposed to be beholden to the White House or his political party. The actions of the White House are anathema to the process that should occur, and part of the problem of modern politics.

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President Obama’s Robin Hood plan loses a step but the middle-class gains

The best laid plans of mice and men, as the saying goes. To head off an embarrassing bipartisan defeat the White House has chosen to remove the new tax from the budget to be released on February 2, 2015. Rep. Lynn Jenkins (Republican) put forward a bi-partisan proposal to expand the 529 credit as opposed to taxing it.

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Months after report complete Army investigation of desertion to be released

The White House wants this to go away, but in the end the Obama Administration cannot escape the embarrassment, and criminality, of what it has done. The attempt to make a hero out of a likely deserter for the purpose of political gain is both an incredulous act of arrogance by the White House and an insult to the military.

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Transparency in the Obama Administration equates to run around

We await whatever response that the White House will give, because even though the major media has given up on what should have been a simple matter, we believe that if our Government cannot be transparent and open enough to tell us something so trivial then it certainly is avoiding letting the public know about matters far more grave that no one has thought to ask about yet.

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Is President Obama planning to violate Take Care Clause?

There cannot be found in the Constitution, or any Amendment, an expressed or even implied power for the Executive Branch that allows a President to enact law because the President is at odds with the Congress or either of its Houses. Thus we conclude that the proposed action by the President would unbalance the separation of powers, a necessity as stated in the 1935 Supreme Court decision. It violates current immigration law in opposition to the 1995 OLC memo. It also exemplifies the very overreach of power that then-Senator Obama objected to in his speech in 2007.

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