Vestal Public Library

2nd Amendment

A history of gun presented by Frank Johnson to AFRTC in Vestal NY

As the facts, definitions, and context surrounding and directly involved with the Second Amendment is warped by social media and partisan politics, the Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) invited firearm instructor Frank Johnson to present a detailed and at times personal clarity to the background essential to the subject.

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Astorino campaign representative speaks with Vestal, NY residents

We had the opportunity to ask where Mr. Astorino stands on the controversial NY START-UP, we asked what was the alternative that Mr. Astorino has to this and similar programs? Mr. Astorino opposes Government picking and choosing which private business to support or not. Mr. Astorino seeks to lower corporate and personal taxes as a means to spur business growth.

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Commentary on the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum sponsored by Americans for Restoring the Constitution

The emphasis on voters connecting to candidates should never be overlooked. It was a chance to evaluate the incumbent and challenger. Joe Average has a chance to learn about the candidates and make a more informed decision on who will hold office. Which we feel is the only way to attain a collection of politicians that can effectively and realistically make changes to the benefit of the populace, from the local to national level.

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Michael Kicinski, candidate NY 22nd Congressional District, speaks at Vestal Candidate Forum

Michael Kicinski, challenger for the 22nd Congressional District seat, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum. Some of the topics that were covered: Abortion; Budget cuts; Constitution; Economy; Gay marriage; Job creation; Middle East; NPR; National debt; Obamacare; Taxes.

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Assemblywoman Lupardo at 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, incumbent for the NY 126th State Assembly, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum and had spoken at the 2010 Forum. Assemblywoman Lupardo covered: Federal overreach; Governor Andrew Cuomo; Government spending; Gun Laws; Job Creation; Role of government. Exclusive video of all the candidates at the event can be seen at under the New York State elections category

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Julie Lewis at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum

Julie Lewis, candidate for the 126th State Assembly seat, the exclusive video is the complete and unedited content of her time at the event. Some of the topics that were covered: Agenda 21; Constitution; Government spending; Hydrofracking; Job creation; NY State deficit/debt; Powers of Goverment; Property rights; Taxes.

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