Notice of speech at SUNY Broome on 1st Amendment

First Amendment, Censorship, and Compelled speech at SUNY Broome

In Titchener Hall of SUNY Broome College, members of the SUNY Broome Republicans and the public gathered for a speech about repressing speech via social media vs, the Free Speech Clause, by invited featured speaker Michael “Vass” Vasquez of M V Consulting Inc and the NY chapter of the Liberty First Foundation.

Accumulated Live Tweets on first Clinton-Trump debate

If anything, it is quite possible that the enthusiasm of many Republicans may be slightly dimmed and the hoped for rally by Democrats failed to catch fire. The next debate, in terms of moderation and questions asked and every facet of the candidates, will be very telling and may be the key in the race.

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2012 media bias by the numbers

Given the mainstream media preference and investment in President Obama, how did they do in giving the public an honest understanding of the candidates? Overall, it can be seen that while the rampant bias of the 2008 election was not present in 2012 there was still significant bias on the part of the mainstream media and social media. What does the American public lose if the news media cannot, through partisanship and preference, ask tough questions and be the watchdog of politics as it was originally intended to be?

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At what point did Blacks lose choice in voting?

The 15th Amendment did not allow freedom to choose within a singular political group. It did not promote ostracizing different views nor demand a unification of action based on race, creed or any other criteria. Blacks, POC’s and all citizens in America have choice. Only when we forget that does the nation suffer, because the best choice for all of America can never be realized when only some of the people are allowed, implicitly or explicitly, to have choice in an election.

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