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Commentary on the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum sponsored by Americans for Restoring the Constitution

The emphasis on voters connecting to candidates should never be overlooked. It was a chance to evaluate the incumbent and challenger. Joe Average has a chance to learn about the candidates and make a more informed decision on who will hold office. Which we feel is the only way to attain a collection of politicians that can effectively and realistically make changes to the benefit of the populace, from the local to national level.

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Michael Kicinski, candidate NY 22nd Congressional District, speaks at Vestal Candidate Forum

Michael Kicinski, challenger for the 22nd Congressional District seat, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum. Some of the topics that were covered: Abortion; Budget cuts; Constitution; Economy; Gay marriage; Job creation; Middle East; NPR; National debt; Obamacare; Taxes.

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Q & A with Michael Vass and the Southern Tier Tea Party

We hope that these questions and answers provide visitors to our site an impetus to become involved and aware of politics – on the local up to national level. It is the firm belief of Michael Vass – and one of the guiding beliefs of this site – that the more that ALL Americans get involved in politics affecting the public, the closer we get to having elected officials that will best reflect the needs and wants of the nation.

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Commentary on Morgan Freeman words on racism

The problem is, it’s a fabrication. The second part of his statement, the conclusion he comes to, is aribtrarily determined by he is own views. He makes that conclusion, not the Tea Party. He is injecting race into a political debate on the effectiveness of the current President. Which in itself is racist, or at least racial.

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