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Sen. Gillibrand

Revealed: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand business sleight of hand, potential attack on Va. woman’s 2nd Amend rights, Social Media censorship coming for you too

In this episode we cover what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand omitted when she talked about helping small business – how Democrats plan to hurt businesses. We continue the podcast discussing how the 2nd Amendment is being compromised – with HR 5087 and allegedly in a news story sweeping the nation. Finally we address the impact of censorship in Social Media, not just in theory but in fact with the example of Mert Melfa. It’s a lot of information that you can’t get in 30 seconds.

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Final act of the 112th Congress: House passes fiscal cliff deal

The fiscal cliff has not been averted, but diverted. The debt ceiling has come and gone with no doubt that it will be a central point of contention before the 1st quarter ends. The country remains fiscally mismanaged, and not a single elected official has the ability to compromise and create a consensus on how to even slow the rate of monetary instability.

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For the Left a tax hike, for the Right a tax cut – the reason is re-election

Mr President, if you believe that a small business owner with 15 employees or less making $250,000 a year does not pay his fair share in taxes, why are you cutting the tax rate of multi-billion dollar global corporations like GE, who avoided paying taxes at all in 2010 and shipped jobs to China?

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