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Obama strategy to fight ISIS actually arming it instead

According to the Amnesty International analysis ISIS has US weapons mainly due to “…decades of irresponsible arms transfers to Iraq and multiple failures by the U.S.-led occupation administration to manage arms deliveries and stocks securely, as well as endemic corruption in Iraq itself.”

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What is the real cause of inaction and political theater in Congress?

It may be that the very “political theatre” Rep. Richard Hanna is claiming exists in Congress, outside of his actions, is the exact thing that he and other Representatives are doing as a part of Congress. Rep. Richard Hanna may want to distract voters from his votes and actions, but that should not be taken as a principle of the Republican Party, nor the fault of Government as a whole. All it is, at the end of the day, is an attempt to cull votes at the expense of the low-information voters, and the short-term memory of the American public and his constituents.

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And the kindara (shoe) drops…

“At this moment, no country has been ask to put boots on the ground…” – Secretary Kerry. “…airstrikes alone, can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes’ credibility.” – Retired Marine Gen. Mattis. Khorasan Group “…is focused on trying to build bombs capable of being sneaked onto airliners…” Bob Orr. And finally “”…the Obama Administration would like us to do the right thing in as chaotic and confused a way as possible.” – Jon Stewart

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Time for the plan C in Iraq

So the plan is to arm Syrian anti-Assad rebels to fight another group of anti-Assad rebels that were previously armed by the US. And without any nation’s ground troops present, it essentially relies on the honor code that this next batch of armed rebels won’t turn around and be a threat next. How well has that plan worked so far?

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