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Binghamton Spiedie Fest: A political gold mine

Here is a slice of the life of a political commentator trying to have a day off at a local event. It is an example of a community celebrating the deep culture in the region, while at the same time displaying how important and intertwined politics are to the everyday lives of residents. Even if many went without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about, and potentially shape, how these politics will affect their lives in the future.

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Commentary: Kim Myers response to challenging questions

With barely 90 days left in the congressional race, voters in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier have little time to learn more about Kim Myers besides the fact she is a member of the Democrat Party. Thus far, Myers herself has been resistant to allow the public to gain greater insight.

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Transcript: The Second Amendment in Norwich NY by Michael Vasquez

Excerpt from Michael Vasquez speech – “Government, especially the American government, is best when it does the least… I am often asked, ‘what is more powerful than a gun?’ The answer should not surprise anyone. It’s an American citizen armed with the Constitution and cloaked in the power of our vote.”

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Once again a casino is the hope for the Southern Tier of NY

This will not resolve the lingering questions, nor guarantee they hype, surrounding this last minute move. Perhaps the biggest gamble, ultimately, will be if a casino in Binghamton, NY will be able to increase revenues and create jobs or drain the surrounding area of the dwindling discretionary funds available.

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