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NY-21 State Senator Kevin S. Parker

Responding to State Senator Kevin Parker on Social Media Password Bill

A response to State Senator Kevin Parker defense of Social Media Password Bill. Expanding on the flaws of the Bill, danger to public, and State Senator Akshar’s thoughts. Because this Bill had the luck of having a click-bait friendly title to draw interest. The next abuse of power won’t.

Repressed speech

Saturday simulcast with public via Facebook Live: Censorship, planes, and compelled speech

The 15th time we go direct to the public to speak about the issues that affect us all – in this live simulcast we talk about expression of free speech and the compelled speech that is advocated via the internet. That includes commercials and the banning of commercials, corporations big and small, the impact on all voters, and the negative impact to the Left. Plus a bit about the NY Air Show that we had exclusive coverage of. Check it out and join us next week.

@nd Amendment - then and now

Stripping Rights and firearms, one small Bill at a time

If an ever expanding list of firearms is banned, or arbitrarily seized, or ownership is criminalized, isn’t that the effective equivalent of outright seizure? Worse, the Right is being seized – and if one Right can be taken, then all Rights can. Especially when the first Right to go is the very one defending all other Rights.

Sen. Gillibrand

Revealed: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand business sleight of hand, potential attack on Va. woman’s 2nd Amend rights, Social Media censorship coming for you too

In this episode we cover what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand omitted when she talked about helping small business – how Democrats plan to hurt businesses. We continue the podcast discussing how the 2nd Amendment is being compromised – with HR 5087 and allegedly in a news story sweeping the nation. Finally we address the impact of censorship in Social Media, not just in theory but in fact with the example of Mert Melfa. It’s a lot of information that you can’t get in 30 seconds.

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2012 media bias by the numbers

Given the mainstream media preference and investment in President Obama, how did they do in giving the public an honest understanding of the candidates? Overall, it can be seen that while the rampant bias of the 2008 election was not present in 2012 there was still significant bias on the part of the mainstream media and social media. What does the American public lose if the news media cannot, through partisanship and preference, ask tough questions and be the watchdog of politics as it was originally intended to be?

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