Senator Ted Cruz

Notice of speech at SUNY Broome on 1st Amendment

First Amendment, Censorship, and Compelled speech at SUNY Broome

In Titchener Hall of SUNY Broome College, members of the SUNY Broome Republicans and the public gathered for a speech about repressing speech via social media vs, the Free Speech Clause, by invited featured speaker Michael “Vass” Vasquez of M V Consulting Inc and the NY chapter of the Liberty First Foundation.

@nd Amendment - then and now

Stripping Rights and firearms, one small Bill at a time

If an ever expanding list of firearms is banned, or arbitrarily seized, or ownership is criminalized, isn’t that the effective equivalent of outright seizure? Worse, the Right is being seized – and if one Right can be taken, then all Rights can. Especially when the first Right to go is the very one defending all other Rights.

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