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Michael Vasquez announces decision on the NY 22nd Congressional District race of 2016

Mr. Vasquez clarified that the reasons why he ran in 2014 have not changed 2 years later. He discussed the multiple attacks Rep. Hanna has made on the Republican Party, and the embarrassment he has placed upon the people of the NY-22. Thus far, Rep. Richard Hanna has made no comment. Democrats continue to have no candidate, and last offered Dan Lamb as a candidate in the 2012 race.

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Has President Obama become King Obama via Executive Order?

President Obama has set a precedent. Why couldn’t a President in the future command swaths of the nation to register – much like Jews and gays had to in German under the National Socialist Party? Why can’t a President dole out Executive Orders for the benefit of a few based solely on their preference and the potential political benefit it may bring to their Party? It is a chilling prospect.

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Opinion: Obama impeachment is about race

In fact, if we are honest the answer is that using the accusation of race or prejudice to justify any of these things is the true racism. President Obama has broken the faith of many of the American people – of every color/sex/creed and what have you. He has done things, and promised to do things, that justify that discussion.The false shield of racism will not protect President Obama from talk of impeachment, as it never should. Americans are bigger than that. Our President should be as well.

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Government shutdown over Obamacare – is it worth it? – repost 10/1/13

IF, and only if, Republicans have taken this hard stance to represent the public and protect the freedoms they swore an oath to defend, then the Government shutdown is worth it. Anything less is just political grandstanding, and an attempt to ward off election challenges from the Right and the Left.

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