Assemblyman Clifford Crouch

Exclusive interview with Assemblyman Clifford Crouch of the 122nd District of New York

A NO Soundbites Allowed exclusive interview with incumbent NY 122nd Assemblyman Clifford Crouch, speaking about his legislation, the first challenge in 12 years for the 2018 election, and his votes on the Red Flag bills.

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Press Release: Assemblywoman Tenney enters NY-22 congressional race – repost 3/26/14

I count as a success the entrance of Assemblywoman Tenney into this race. The bar has been raised and the attention on this race, both across the State and nationally, has increased exponentially. Rep. Hanna can no longer try to avoid discussing the issues and flip-flopping on his positions.

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Michael Vasquez announces 2014 run for Congress in Utica, NY: Transcript – repost 11/18/13

What I have found, time and again, is that the people of the New York 22nd feel isolated from their Representative. That they have just another politicians that is adept at keeping a seat of power, without real substantive difference to the lives of constituents. It is because of this reality, the desires of the public and the failure of Congress that has put me on this path. Today, on behalf of those that want a clear and vocal voice in Congress, a Representative with defined views and a willingness to support what the public wants, a member of Congress that recalls the power is from the people for the people…always, I am announcing my entry into the 2014 New York Congressional race for the Republican ticket.

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Michael Vasquez speech on 2014 run for Congress – Binghamton, NY – repost 11/18/13

I am a hard-working American home owner, who like the overwhelming majority believes that Congress is ineffective today not because of the laws in place, but the lack of conviction of many of those that have come to be elected. I am running for office, not because I desire the position, but because there is a need for a Representative that is connected to the reality average Americans face every day.

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