Rep. Maurice Hinchey

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Budget Control Act of 2011 – the questions for NY voters

We would like to believe that all the elected officials in New York acted with the desire for the best for constituents, AND in the manner as they were able to discern was the majority view of constituents. But in the absence of comment, with the reality of the consequences of the vote apparent, we can only ask questions and try to interpert the meaning of the votes.

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Following-up on the response of Mayor Matt Ryan on debt ceiling and Binghamton NY

We understand that there is a great deal that is unknown. We understand that there is a great deal in the hands of the Obama Administration (in case of failing to raise the debt ceiling). We understand that elected officials outside of Washington DC have little influence, and possibly even less information.

But we sought to understand what is underway. How residents may best be prepared and to remain confident that elected leaders are investigating plans to ensure their way of life. We continue to seek that.

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Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Maurice Hinchey on debt ceiling

Have you consulted with the President, and/or the rest of the Democrat leadership, to ensure that Treasury Secretary Geithner – asuming the debt ceiling is not passed – makes paying the SSI, disability, veterans, and other critical needs individuals a priority for the funds that will be available on August 3rd?

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Rep. Maurice Hinchey’s HR 391 – reward for an illegal alien

IF Emilio May was a crack addict for several years, that was caught for a mugging, no one would feel special about him. IF as a criminal facing prosecution he decided to become a CI for the police, no one would care. IF, as a CI he violated the terms and was subsequently charged with the initial crime of mugging – would anyone care then? Would Rep. Maurice Hinchey step forward and say that the police couldn’t charge the criminal for the crime committed?

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