President Barack Obama

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Use of Executive Power by the Obama Administration – a trend of power grabs

All Presidents have used Executive Power, and sought to expand that power during their Administrations. Few can be argued to have done so with such emphasis on domestic issues, with purely partisan intent, even as the Congress starts to address the issue President Obama clearly has preferences on.

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2012 media bias by the numbers

Given the mainstream media preference and investment in President Obama, how did they do in giving the public an honest understanding of the candidates? Overall, it can be seen that while the rampant bias of the 2008 election was not present in 2012 there was still significant bias on the part of the mainstream media and social media. What does the American public lose if the news media cannot, through partisanship and preference, ask tough questions and be the watchdog of politics as it was originally intended to be?

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3rd Presidential debate of 2012 expectations

Of all those on stage for the 3rd presidential debate, Mitt Romney has the least to lose and the most to gain. President Obama is placed in the unenviable position that a weak performance virtually signals defeat, while a strong showing may only keep some polls even. Bob Schieffer, for his part, can only hope to regain the credibility of debate moderators.

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