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Facebook commentary – Lives saved in Oklahoma by samaritans with guns

The differences, in both tone and information provided, of reporting on mass shootings by major news media seems to apparently conform to partisan political biases, This commentary, as found on Facebook, takes a quick look at 5 points that can be seen in reporting of the Oklahoma shooting stopped by armed good samaritans.

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If $15 minimum wage is good, won’t $36.58 per hour be better? You may be surprised.

To force EVERY business to increase minimum wage to $15 or more is equivalent to corporate genocide. It gives people who have the least skills and are the least equipped to do the job huge pay raises, while the most hard working and experienced are unfairly shunned. It is quite possible that there is a middle ground out there, but it will never be spoken in the speeches meant only to maintain political power.

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Opinion: Obama impeachment is about race

In fact, if we are honest the answer is that using the accusation of race or prejudice to justify any of these things is the true racism. President Obama has broken the faith of many of the American people – of every color/sex/creed and what have you. He has done things, and promised to do things, that justify that discussion.The false shield of racism will not protect President Obama from talk of impeachment, as it never should. Americans are bigger than that. Our President should be as well.

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Obamacare isn’t racist, but Melissa Harris Perry may be – repost 12/9/13

To negate these real and important facts is to delude the public. Worse, to do so under a pretense of race is to actively incite part of the public for no reason other than to prop up a President who is rightly being blamed for the failures of his Administration, and his own words – “You can keep your doctor. Period.”

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