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Rep. Tenney at Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

Congresswoman Tenney speaks to public and tours Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

Once again we have exclusive coverage that the major news media chose not to provide to voters and the public. We present complete interviews with former Binghamton Mayor Richard Bucci and Congresswoman Tenney, taken on Saturday Sept. 22, 2018 at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex.

M V Consulting president Michael Vasquez with NY-22 Representative Chris Collins in Binghamton NY

NY-27 Rep. Chris Collins comes to Binghamton, NY to celebrate Claudia Tenney and local Republicans

Rep. Chris Collins – “So for NY-22 to have their best representation, while people may not like to hear how politics plays out they need a Republican who sits in the majority. Who’s in the room when decisions are being made. Who can step forward, if there is anything relative to the NY-22, that’s of a concern and have the ear of the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader and all the Committee Chairmen.”

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Candidate George Phillips speaks to gun owners about 2nd Amendment

NY 22nd congressional candidate George Phillips quietly spoke to the Broome County Sportsmen’s Association and Southern Tier SCOPE about his views on the 2nd Amendment and gun control legislation. Exclusive video presents every word, question & answer, said at the event.

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Fundraiser for Tarik Abdelazim at SPOOL MFG in Johnson City, NY

The event was a success for the Abdelazim campaign, and the supporters that came out to hear a comrade voice in opposition of fracking. It was a success for the artists that were able to have their art auctioned. It was a success for Dr. Steingraber in selling her book and supporting a candidate that shares her views of the woes of fracking with the profit of the book sales that night.

The question that remains, is if the success will follow to the election. But then, that is the question facing all candidates in November.

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Commentary on the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum sponsored by Americans for Restoring the Constitution

The emphasis on voters connecting to candidates should never be overlooked. It was a chance to evaluate the incumbent and challenger. Joe Average has a chance to learn about the candidates and make a more informed decision on who will hold office. Which we feel is the only way to attain a collection of politicians that can effectively and realistically make changes to the benefit of the populace, from the local to national level.

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Michael Morosi, speaking for NY 22nd Congressional candidate Dan Lamb, at Vestal Candidate Forum

Michael Morosi, campaign manager for candidate Dan Lamb seeking the 22nd Congressional District seat, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum. Dan Lamb spoke at the 2010 Vestal Forum, representing Rep. Maurice Hinchey. Some of the topics that were covered: Congressional stalemate; Dan Lamb; Middle East; Obamacare/Healthcare; Obama Stimulus; Rep. Maurice Hinchey; Social Security; Unemployment; Veterans.

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Video and thoughts on the 2012 NY Annual Republican Dinner with Newt Gingrich and Gov. Bobby Jindal

The New York Annual Republican Dinner featured two particullary important speakers this year. The first was Newt Gingrich, who is continuing with his challenge to get the Republican nomination versus frontrunner and presumed nominee Mitt…

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