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What is the real cause of inaction and political theater in Congress?

It may be that the very “political theatre” Rep. Richard Hanna is claiming exists in Congress, outside of his actions, is the exact thing that he and other Representatives are doing as a part of Congress. Rep. Richard Hanna may want to distract voters from his votes and actions, but that should not be taken as a principle of the Republican Party, nor the fault of Government as a whole. All it is, at the end of the day, is an attempt to cull votes at the expense of the low-information voters, and the short-term memory of the American public and his constituents.

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House Judiciary Committee hearings on Planned Parenthood upcoming

Planned Parenthood (PP) will be speaking before the House Judiciary Committee, September 9, 2015, to determine the continuation of its Federal funding. The release of these videos has brought a wave of questions from the public on potential legal and ethical violations by Planned Parenthood on the manner in which it collects fetal organs and tissue, and the sale of these body parts.

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