Oprah Winfrey

Daniel Pokorak

Talking with Dan Pokorak about Oprah, Trump, space aliens and all inbetween

Had a great discussion with musician and songwriter Dan Pokorak about just about everything going on in politics at this time. Oprah for President, President Donald Trump, Haiti, Hawaii, nuclear arms talks with North Korea,…

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At what point did Blacks lose choice in voting?

The 15th Amendment did not allow freedom to choose within a singular political group. It did not promote ostracizing different views nor demand a unification of action based on race, creed or any other criteria. Blacks, POC’s and all citizens in America have choice. Only when we forget that does the nation suffer, because the best choice for all of America can never be realized when only some of the people are allowed, implicitly or explicitly, to have choice in an election.

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