The life and death of Alfie Evans is a lesson

Alfie Evans: A window into a possible future for America

A bit of a rant over the horrific act of a government killing a baby. This chilling act of disregard for the life of a citizen, because of a UK government-run healthcare system that America has used as the model for Obamacare, cannot go without denouncement. If this lesson is not learned, if news and media brush this off as the normal politicing, then very soon it will be an American parent facing off against Government bean counters that have already written off their child. Listen and share.

UK Socialized medicine could kill baby Alfie Evans

A different take on Bill Cosby, Alfie Evans, North Korea, and candidate Anthony Brindisi in Norwich NY

Government accountant deciding to kill a baby? Ridicule, hate, and maybe jail for being Black and off the Liberal reservation? Donald Trump getting Nobel Peace Prize? Congressional candidate Brindisi denying publicity? Oh it has been one hell of a week for this No Soundbites Allowed podcast episode.

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The burger flipping capital of America may not be what it seems

There is no free lunch or policy without impact. Politics of the soundbite, the tried and true gimmick of politicians, is a powerful tool to ensure (re-)election and party loyalty. But, ultimately, long-term, the inescapable reality is that government doesn’t create jobs, it can’t legislate people out of poverty, and the louder the cheers the more the public should pay attention to the details.

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