Obama Stimulus

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Hillary Clinton revisions shovel-ready jobs as campaign pitch

At the core of the Democrat Party, the President and the Democrat nominees, appear to have a view that Government is the primary source for jobs. The problem is doubling down on the very same neo-Keynesian policies that don’t work in the real world but fulfill the belief that Government is the answer to the issues facing the nation.

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When Robin Hood is actually just a hood

If President Obama can get this Robin Hood proposal passed, it would be the first time that the public understanding of ‘free stuff’ from the Government would be accurate to some degree. At the same time, this Robin Hood would also be the evil tax hungry antagonist of that fable – Prince John. Of course Prince John didn’t have the benefit of television and 30-second soundbites.

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While President Obama urges more of the same, a real solution stays on the backburner – 7/22/13

President Obama should be held to his fleeting campaign promise. Representatives in Congress should have their feet held to the flame of public opinion. America needs politicians bold enough to live up to campaign promises, strong enough to speak the will of constituents, and determined enough to blaze a trail down a path the nation hasn’t even seen in 4 years plus.

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The 2012 Presidential debate on the economy, what will it cover?

Only in review of the totality of the statements, interviews, voting record and debates will voters identify the candidate that best matches their views on who should lead the nation, and in what direction. We, at M V Consulting, don’t care who you vote for – just that you make an informed decision.

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Michael Morosi, speaking for NY 22nd Congressional candidate Dan Lamb, at Vestal Candidate Forum

Michael Morosi, campaign manager for candidate Dan Lamb seeking the 22nd Congressional District seat, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum. Dan Lamb spoke at the 2010 Vestal Forum, representing Rep. Maurice Hinchey. Some of the topics that were covered: Congressional stalemate; Dan Lamb; Middle East; Obamacare/Healthcare; Obama Stimulus; Rep. Maurice Hinchey; Social Security; Unemployment; Veterans.

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Vestal Candidate Forum 2012 sponsored by AFRTC

In total the event was about 2 1/2 hours long, with numerous issues asked and covered by each candidate. Hydrofracking, the Middle East, the Obama Stimulus, job creation, taxes, education, the State and national debts, UN Agenda 21, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, were some of the issues of voters addressed during the Forum. We will be providing the complete coverage in several follow-up videos. We commend all the candidates that appeared or made effort to provide a voice to constituents.

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