Obama Administration

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5.3% unemployment for those that count

Looked at from a total perspective , the national debt stands at $18.29 trillion, roughly 16 million people are out of work (according to U-6), the median income has increased $337 since 2000, and over 155 million people are receiving some form of Government aid. Fewer people are working, and the number not counted in unemployment figures continues to increase. The headline says things are improving, but the reality says the average American wont see it.

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Commentary: Remembrance is not enough

But a year after the VA Scandal, the question must be asked if we are repaying the sacrifice? Has the nation, and the Government bureaucracy, corrected the errors and made amends to those who have given so much. Are we honoring the memory of those that have died, and those that in many ways still suffer, with the changes made since 2014?

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Theme for 2015 State of the Union Address is tax and spend

President Obama wants to use the State of the Union as an opportunity to double down on the mantra of the Democrat Party and tax more while spending more. The promise will once again be that the average American will prosper and jobs will be created from Government intervention. Yet, how many times can the President cry wolf before all ears turn deaf to his words?

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The vote on immigration you (probably) haven’t heard about

He has voted to protect the Constitution, while advocating (through is vote against the Blackburn Amendment) the violation of the Constitution. His words, and their meaning, are at odds. Representatives are not defined by the 30 second soundbites they issue to the press (or in commercials they promote when they need to be elected), but in the votes they make on the Bills and Amendments that don’t garner the headlines.

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