NY State Assembly

NY-122 candidate Nicholas Libous and Michael "Vass" Vasquez

EXCLUSIVE: Candidate interview with Nicholas Libous, running for NY-122 Assembly seat

An exclusive interview with first-time candidate Nicholas “Nick” Libous, running for the NY 122nd Assembly District. We discuss key issues including late-term abortion, property taxes, Red Flag legislation, and term limits, as well as addressing allegations from incumbent Cliff Crouch. The Republican Primary will be held on November 13, 2018.

Open Letter: NRA should eliminate ratings for politicians supporting Red Flag laws

A clear detailed letter to Oliver North requesting the NRA immediately properly rate the NY State Assembly based on their votes for the 5 Red Flag Bills. Such updated ratings should also accompany the loss of any funding or support those that voted for the ERPO’s have received. Plus, the notification to the NY State Senate that a vote for ANY Extreme Risk Protection Order will result in the same corrective rating and loss of support. Because voters and NRA members deserve the truth.

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