North Korea

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un meet

Why are Democrat leadership and pundits looking for America to fail?

Even as, or in spite of, President Trump speaks with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, some Democrats call for recessions to punish millions of Americans and the failure of American policies. Why would any political party want America to fail, what could we worth that?

Michael Vass Vasquez

Q & A: Facebook Live Simulcast 4 – North Korea, Anthony Brindisi, Congresswoman Tenney, Crouch v Libous, Oklahoma shooting and more

Censorship, 2018 mid-term elections, North Korea, American prisoners and international politics, and more. All your questions, the issues on your mind, answered in a FacebookLive simulcast. Check it out.

Michael "Vass" Vasquez in Tioga County

Facebook simulcast 2 – Discussion and your question on North Korea, Iran Nuclear Deal, Logan Act, Heroin, Palmdale school shooting, Homeless Awareness and more

Taking the questions from the public via Facebook Live, and simulcast via NO Soundbites Allowed podcast. Topics include a wide range of issues affecting our nation and local communities.

UK Socialized medicine could kill baby Alfie Evans

A different take on Bill Cosby, Alfie Evans, North Korea, and candidate Anthony Brindisi in Norwich NY

Government accountant deciding to kill a baby? Ridicule, hate, and maybe jail for being Black and off the Liberal reservation? Donald Trump getting Nobel Peace Prize? Congressional candidate Brindisi denying publicity? Oh it has been one hell of a week for this No Soundbites Allowed podcast episode.

Daniel Pokorak

Talking with Dan Pokorak about Oprah, Trump, space aliens and all inbetween

Had a great discussion with musician and songwriter Dan Pokorak about just about everything going on in politics at this time. Oprah for President, President Donald Trump, Haiti, Hawaii, nuclear arms talks with North Korea,…

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Claudia Tenney speaks at Southern Tier Tea Party event in downtown Binghamton NY

The guest speaker at the event, Congresswoman Tenney, spoke for more than the 2 hours planned for the event. A full range of topics were covered including: North Korea, healthcare, tax reform, bipartisanship, President Trumps obsession with Twitter, gun control, Puerto Rico aide, & more in a series of questions written and submitted by attendees at the event.

North Korea policy failure, but what next?

Specifically, in regard to North Korea, how effective has this plan been? The answer is a resounding and troubling failure. Defined by active development of nuclear weapons, repeated nuclear weapon tests, along with development of missiles capable of reaching the United States.

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The voyeurs of the bomb

America, once the guardian of nuclear proliferation worldwide, has now become a mere voyeur. Low information voters and die-hard supporters of President Obama are watching an edited play-by-play of the long-term escalation of violence that will encompass and affect the nation in ways that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined never reached.

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