New York 22nd Congressional District

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Transcript of interview for Michael Vasquez and WUTQ Mark Piersma and Frank Elias of Talk of the Town – 11/29/13

What a Conservative is, is what most people in America tend to be. These are people who are law-abiding, they have a strong faith in our nation, they believe strongly in the Constitution as has been written, and the laws that are in there.

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WUTQ Talk of the Town radio interview with candidate Michael Vasquez – Repost video 11/21/13

Repost from November 21, 2013 The following link is to the 100.7FM WUTQ “Talk of the Town with Mark Piersma” website. Mr. Vasquez was interviewed on 11/21/13 at 7:30am via phone. The interview was 15…

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First endorsement for candidate Michael Vasquez in 2014 Congressional run – repost 11/20/13

Repost from November 20, 2013 With the announcement of the intent to run for the 2014 New York 22nd Congressional seat on the Republican ticket just 2 days old, the first endorsement has already come…

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Video – Utica speech and Q&A – Michael Vasquez bid for Congress 2014 – repost 11/18/13

Repost from November 18, 2013 The following is the unedited speech, recorded on November 18, 2013 behind the Oneida County Courthouse. It is followed by the questions and answers with WKTV News on that same…

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Michael Vasquez announces 2014 run for Congress in Utica, NY: Transcript – repost 11/18/13

What I have found, time and again, is that the people of the New York 22nd feel isolated from their Representative. That they have just another politicians that is adept at keeping a seat of power, without real substantive difference to the lives of constituents. It is because of this reality, the desires of the public and the failure of Congress that has put me on this path. Today, on behalf of those that want a clear and vocal voice in Congress, a Representative with defined views and a willingness to support what the public wants, a member of Congress that recalls the power is from the people for the people…always, I am announcing my entry into the 2014 New York Congressional race for the Republican ticket.

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