New York 22nd Congressional District

M V Consulting president Michael Vasquez with NY-22 Representative Chris Collins in Binghamton NY

NY-27 Rep. Chris Collins comes to Binghamton, NY to celebrate Claudia Tenney and local Republicans

Rep. Chris Collins – “So for NY-22 to have their best representation, while people may not like to hear how politics plays out they need a Republican who sits in the majority. Who’s in the room when decisions are being made. Who can step forward, if there is anything relative to the NY-22, that’s of a concern and have the ear of the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader and all the Committee Chairmen.”

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Binghamton Spiedie Fest: A political gold mine

Here is a slice of the life of a political commentator trying to have a day off at a local event. It is an example of a community celebrating the deep culture in the region, while at the same time displaying how important and intertwined politics are to the everyday lives of residents. Even if many went without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about, and potentially shape, how these politics will affect their lives in the future.

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Commentary: Kim Myers response to challenging questions

With barely 90 days left in the congressional race, voters in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier have little time to learn more about Kim Myers besides the fact she is a member of the Democrat Party. Thus far, Myers herself has been resistant to allow the public to gain greater insight.

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What do we know now about Legislator Kim Myers?

Perhaps the biggest question is, what conversation about gun control and the 2nd Amendment has America not yet had? If Kim Myers has anew position that has never been addressed before – or a compromise that has not been previously suggested – America is sure to be interested in what that is.

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How does the FBI and Hillary’s email scandal affect NY-22 race?

The ramifications will affect transparency in government, likely lead to new legislation to prevent this from happening again, and potentially several trials – all of which will in some way be connected to Congress in 2017. Who is elected in the NY-22 could well shape the results.

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What do the polls in NY-22 Republican race mean?

Polls are just a snapshot at a given moment of the views of a group of people at any given moment. Citizen’s United conducted a poll, on June 18, 2016, showing Claudia Tenney at 38%, Steve Wells at 26%, and George Phillips continues to trail with just 11%. Ultimately it is up to voters, not pundits nor negative ads or polls, to decide if those are reasons to take Claudia Tenney, or potentially one of her opponents, to the general election with Democrat Kim Myers in November.

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