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Commentary: Response to Tarik Abdelazim

What Tarik Abdelazim and Democrats are offering as an alternative to Ellis Brothers in Binghamton is higher unemployment, higher taxes, and a distraction. Much like the Downtown Binghamton Roundabout, 0 long-term jobs created, 0 tax revenues generated, $336,000 taxpayer funds (with $3.3 million in taxpayer funding indirectly coming from Federal and State funding) which created more problems than it was supposed to resolve.

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Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan discusses gun control issues with City Council

January 7, 2013 Mayor Matt Ryan presented the key proposals of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) to the Binghamton City Council. After the presentation, M V Consulting president Michael Vass was able to speak with Mayor Ryan. As stated in the video, this is part of an on-going series of articles addressing the many views and proposals on firearms and gun control.

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Local government limits power of Mayor of Binghamton

On election night, the constituents of Binghamton, NY had the opportunity to review Proposition 1. Binghamton City Councilor Teri Rennia stated, “It’s really not a shift in power”. Office of the Mayor of Binghamton responsed to our request for comment with “The Mayor isn’t available to comment at this time”.

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Fundraiser for Tarik Abdelazim at SPOOL MFG in Johnson City, NY

The event was a success for the Abdelazim campaign, and the supporters that came out to hear a comrade voice in opposition of fracking. It was a success for the artists that were able to have their art auctioned. It was a success for Dr. Steingraber in selling her book and supporting a candidate that shares her views of the woes of fracking with the profit of the book sales that night.

The question that remains, is if the success will follow to the election. But then, that is the question facing all candidates in November.

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