Libertarian Party


Exclusive: Libertarian Party of NY reacts after 2016 elections in Binghamton NY

If this group decides that being a official Party of NY State and reaching ballot access is important I will suggest that 2018 may well be our last opportunity to do that. Because if we do not make it in 2018, we are going to get priced out of Republican and Democrats game. – James Rosenbeck

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Binghamton Spiedie Fest: A political gold mine

Here is a slice of the life of a political commentator trying to have a day off at a local event. It is an example of a community celebrating the deep culture in the region, while at the same time displaying how important and intertwined politics are to the everyday lives of residents. Even if many went without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about, and potentially shape, how these politics will affect their lives in the future.

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