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What does the proposed increase in minimum wage really mean to New Yorkers?

A small portion of New Yorkers will be paid more. Some people will be without work as companies try to comply or leave the State. Most companies will endure, and the majority of New Yorkers will see no difference in their paychecks. A real fear will be how many companies will exit the least business friendly State once minimum wage increases, and as a result how many New Yorkers will leave to get jobs – at whatever pay scale – that are no longer available here.

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Astorino campaign representative speaks with Vestal, NY residents

We had the opportunity to ask where Mr. Astorino stands on the controversial NY START-UP, we asked what was the alternative that Mr. Astorino has to this and similar programs? Mr. Astorino opposes Government picking and choosing which private business to support or not. Mr. Astorino seeks to lower corporate and personal taxes as a means to spur business growth.

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A deeper look at 7.7% unemployment rate

The unemployment rate appears to be improving. But the question is if the appearance of improvement is a factual event. It is accurate to say the economy is improving and people are getting jobs, but the government figures are fundementally flawed. Improvements in the unemployment rate are coming at a cost of full-time workers and self-employment. Our prognosis, flat to bearish.

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