James Alan Fox

Result of gun free zones and gun restriction legislation

A deep look at mass shootings and gun control facts

The logic is therefore, if a firearm looks menacing it should be banned to enhance public safety. Given these actions, addressing the look of a firearm and mere possession as well as the broadest classifications of firearms and documentation of ownership, has the public become safer? No. Empirically, the only answer is no.

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How rampant are mass shootings?

Each time there is a shooting at a school attention is focused on the killers, the weapons used (especially if an assault weapon), and the youth of the victims. Each of these sad events create indelible images in the mind. But how common is it really? Mass shootings have been a sad part of the national history for more than 30 years and conclusions in search of causes may win elections, but have not made anyone better off – that is the reality and it cannot be escaped.

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