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Does it matter when politicians lie? – 12/6/13

That’s what many people feel about most lies and misstatements by politicians. Since they don’t feel an impact, it doesn’t matter at all. I disagree. I believe that we need to make all politicians accountable, especially when they fail the public trust.

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Iran’s nuclear ambition and the deal to let it happen – 11/24/13

Nuclear weapons are a Pandora’s Box, once opened it cannot be closed. Deals that require no burden of proof or assurance of compliance from Iran are not deals, but false hope based on nothing but the naive expectations of the parties that involved.

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3rd Presidential debate of 2012 expectations

Of all those on stage for the 3rd presidential debate, Mitt Romney has the least to lose and the most to gain. President Obama is placed in the unenviable position that a weak performance virtually signals defeat, while a strong showing may only keep some polls even. Bob Schieffer, for his part, can only hope to regain the credibility of debate moderators.

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The Obama Administration and Iran

The statement says several things at once. That Israel does not feel secure in its relationship with America, as they have never feared any blame that any nation would place on America or Israel before. The statement highlights that Israel feels that America is fearful or timid when it comes to Iran. The statement also makes clear that the Obama Administration is the key to their decision.

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