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The secret weakness of ISIS revealed

While it may feel good to say that the answer to ISIS and similar fanatical terrorist groups is just ignoring them, or trying to keep them preoccupied, it is hardly an effective plan. Perhaps if President Obama and his Administration could spend as much energy and focus on restricting the territorial growth of ISIS, and on encouraging real action against Boko Haram as opposed to hashtags slogans, then there could be time and opportunity to address the other factors they are promoting.

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2015 State of the Union Address, a very detailed step-by-step review

President Obama’s new plan for America, dubbed Middle-Class Economics, surprisingly is filled with “shovel-ready” jobs, tax the rich schemes, Robin Hood redistribution of wealth, and appeasement international policy that comprised every other State of the Union he has made so far. The only new parts were the threats of veto against any Republican idea that might be presented in 2015 or beyond.

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And the kindara (shoe) drops…

“At this moment, no country has been ask to put boots on the ground…” – Secretary Kerry. “…airstrikes alone, can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes’ credibility.” – Retired Marine Gen. Mattis. Khorasan Group “…is focused on trying to build bombs capable of being sneaked onto airliners…” Bob Orr. And finally “”…the Obama Administration would like us to do the right thing in as chaotic and confused a way as possible.” – Jon Stewart

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