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Sen. Gillibrand is the hawkish dove of New York Democrats

The latest twist finds Senator Gillibrand changing course on Middle East policy. From a dove seeking peace through economic and diplomatic action, to a hawk seeking military action against ISIS. But what is the real position of Sen. Gillibrand on international policy? Democrat leadership may never let us know.

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As the wheel turns: US policy for the Middle East

With the advent of the current growing crisis in Iraq, the past several years of the Obama Administration’s international policy agenda has be put into question. Thus whatever the legacy will be of the Obama presidency, without swift action to enact a coherent international policy – especially in the Middle East – that legacy will surely rank akin to that of President Jimmy Carter.

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Transcript of interview for Michael Vasquez and WUTQ Mark Piersma and Frank Elias of Talk of the Town – 11/29/13

What a Conservative is, is what most people in America tend to be. These are people who are law-abiding, they have a strong faith in our nation, they believe strongly in the Constitution as has been written, and the laws that are in there.

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3rd Presidential debate of 2012 expectations

Of all those on stage for the 3rd presidential debate, Mitt Romney has the least to lose and the most to gain. President Obama is placed in the unenviable position that a weak performance virtually signals defeat, while a strong showing may only keep some polls even. Bob Schieffer, for his part, can only hope to regain the credibility of debate moderators.

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Following-up on the response of Mayor Matt Ryan on debt ceiling and Binghamton NY

We understand that there is a great deal that is unknown. We understand that there is a great deal in the hands of the Obama Administration (in case of failing to raise the debt ceiling). We understand that elected officials outside of Washington DC have little influence, and possibly even less information.

But we sought to understand what is underway. How residents may best be prepared and to remain confident that elected leaders are investigating plans to ensure their way of life. We continue to seek that.

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