Daniel Pokorak

Talking with Dan Pokorak about Oprah, Trump, space aliens and all inbetween

Had a great discussion with musician and songwriter Dan Pokorak about just about everything going on in politics at this time. Oprah for President, President Donald Trump, Haiti, Hawaii, nuclear arms talks with North Korea,…

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Why Syrian refugees over Darfur genocide survivors?

That the crisis of one set of people must be equated with another is shameful. But the politics of the situation demands an answer. Why are Syrian regugees more worthy than those of Darfur, or anywhere else in the world? What political benefit is at the root of this sudden and dramatic change in US policy?

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Commentary: Rep. Hanna visits Vestal, NY but is that good for the NY-22?

When I first heard that Rep. Hanna has been selectively inviting individuals to meet with him in Vestal, NY on March 13, 2015 I had reservations. What I hope to hear is how Rep. Hanna’s actions are helping the nation and the NY-22. What I want to hear is that he has taken a position, and a willingness to let the public know what he actually plans on doing in our collective names. Whatever the outcome, I will present it. Objectively, as I cannot be bought nor can I be distracted with 30-second soundbites and political double talk.

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