TIME Magazine cover is false

Child Separation at the border is not what you feel it is

What are the actual laws involved with illegal aliens, their children, and the separation at the southern border? What are the actual efforts being done to address this? Why did major news media actively and knowingly lie to the public? All of this addressed in this episode of NO Soundbites Allowed.

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Shock and awe: illegal aliens send kids in hopes of DREAM Act protections

America, via Democrats and President Obama, have invited illegal minors and thus their parents since 2008 and these illegal aliens are accepting the offer in droves. This “crisis” will not end, no matter how much money is thrown at it, until the invitation is rescinded and the rule of law (and not the partisan political whims of Executive Orders) is enforced.

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Rep. Maurice Hinchey’s HR 391 – reward for an illegal alien

IF Emilio May was a crack addict for several years, that was caught for a mugging, no one would feel special about him. IF as a criminal facing prosecution he decided to become a CI for the police, no one would care. IF, as a CI he violated the terms and was subsequently charged with the initial crime of mugging – would anyone care then? Would Rep. Maurice Hinchey step forward and say that the police couldn’t charge the criminal for the crime committed?

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