gun restriction

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Is that all we get for $500 million?

The only question to ask is if it is worth it? There are the seeds for some real progress on gun control, entangled in those seeds are proposals that limit gun owners and future potential owners. It can have some impact but it does not stop a Timothy McVeigh, Columbine, Binghamton American Civic Center, or even Taft High School shootings.

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Response to Facebook comment: Talk about gun restrictions “boring”, so shooting sprees must be “exciting”

Perhaps it is pedantic to address, but it may be that the fact incidents like the San Antonio shooting, Sandy Hook, and so many others are being promoted by the need for adrenaline suggested on Facebook. There isn’t a single community in the nation that wants to be known for a murderous shooting spree – not Columbine, not Sandy Hook, not Binghamton, NY. What we are suggesting is keeping these events far more “pedestrian” as the Facebook comment suggests.

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