global warming

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Congress fights back against EPA and necessarily skyrocket of energy costs

In fact, assuming a 100% cut to CO2 emissions by the US, far greater than what the EPA is forcing on the nation without input from Congress, in addition to a 100% cut by the rest of the industrialized world will still not hit the target reduction in global temperatures mandated by President Obama in his 14 minute usurping of the stage in Paris.

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President Obama defines his 2nd term in State of the Union Address

Senator Obama railed against Executive Orders in 2007. In 2008 Senator Obama promised to “fundementally transform” America. After violation of the War Powers Act, and Executive Orders to ignore standing law on immigration, we entered the 2nd term. Now the 2nd Amendment is being tweaked, private institutions are being threatened, Congress is being circumvented, and undisclosed actions are being planned. Fundemental transformation indeed.

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Commentary – 2013 State of the Union Address

How many times was a threat of Executive Order made? What reason beyond guilt over the shootings of Giffords and Newtown justifies gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens? How do you define a citizen if not as a member of a nation? These are only a few of the questions that the 2013 State of the Union brought up.

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