George Phillips

Exclusive interview with NY-22 candidate George Phillips; Nike v. Betsy Ross; NY Councilman caught “irresponsible”

On the Federal side: The insanity of Nike accepting Betsy Ross as a racist.
At Congress: The future top 5 national to-watch race continues to heat up – we interview one of the candidates
Local: Councilman Dan Livingston actively defends misinforming public, and gets rebuked.

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What do the polls in NY-22 Republican race mean?

Polls are just a snapshot at a given moment of the views of a group of people at any given moment. Citizen’s United conducted a poll, on June 18, 2016, showing Claudia Tenney at 38%, Steve Wells at 26%, and George Phillips continues to trail with just 11%. Ultimately it is up to voters, not pundits nor negative ads or polls, to decide if those are reasons to take Claudia Tenney, or potentially one of her opponents, to the general election with Democrat Kim Myers in November.

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Candidate George Phillips speaks to gun owners about 2nd Amendment

NY 22nd congressional candidate George Phillips quietly spoke to the Broome County Sportsmen’s Association and Southern Tier SCOPE about his views on the 2nd Amendment and gun control legislation. Exclusive video presents every word, question & answer, said at the event.

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Petitions are in, which NY-22 candidates are left standing?

One pattern is starting to emerge though. Claudia Tenney is dominating the race, even with the slew of competition. Advertising campaign have already started by relative unknowns Steve Wells and Martin Babinec. Whether that frontrunner status will continue to be hers is up to the public.

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