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Is Aaron Price a candidate or attention seeker in congressional race?

In our tradition of covering every candidate – large or small, improbable or not – we have kept a keen eye out. It would seem that this is just another case of using a growing political race for instant attention. A means to draw eyeballs to an issue with an agenda of Mr. Price.

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Thoughts on President Obama’s jaunt through New York – repost 8/26/13

But did the new proposals do anything to improve the education system? No. President Obama, without intending to do so, has placed a directive in front of college administrations – dumb down the courses so more kids pass…The net result? Reinforcing an elitist and economically segregated class of individuals at the expense of the masses.

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Interview with Congressional candidate Dan Lamb

On the evening of November 2, 2012, we spoke with NY-22 congressional candidate Dan Lamb at his headquarters in Binghamton, NY. The interview consisted on 7 questions, plus we decided to take a page from various debates and asked Mr. Lamb to provide a short statement on several topical subjects.

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