Facebook Commentary: Anthony Brindisi’s trend to avoid voters and the truth

Scandals, flip-flops on positions, avoided questions, supporting Red Flag bills that destroy Due Process, and tax increases. One could imagine this be a lot for even the NY Assembly to do. But Anthony Brindisi is getting all this, and apparently more, done all by himself.

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Drones in NY: The Jobs Shell Game

Thus far, after promises of hundreds of jobs and tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars in tax revenue, 6 jobs can be confirmed as created. A net loss to taxpayers of at least $6 million dollars. In the near future, due to the efforts at the State and Federal level, even more tax dollars are planned to be funneled to this nascent industry that has yet to produce any proof it will live up to the hype it launched with.

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Transparency in the Obama Administration equates to run around

We await whatever response that the White House will give, because even though the major media has given up on what should have been a simple matter, we believe that if our Government cannot be transparent and open enough to tell us something so trivial then it certainly is avoiding letting the public know about matters far more grave that no one has thought to ask about yet.

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OMB apparently believes Pres. Obama golf rounds are for free

We do not question the need of the President to enjoy time away from the stress of running Government. The only question asked is the cost that taxpayers are covering. There apparently does not exist a single record of the cost for President Obama, or President Bush for that matter, playing golf. No receipts, no records of hourly wages for staff, no cost of gasoline for transportation, no cost of guests like Tiger Woods. That is incomprehensible.

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Why won’t the White House answer the question?

Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked how much does a round of golf for President Obama cost? Karen Holliday of the GAO says ask the OMB. Dionne Hardy of the OMB has yet to reply. If the Government is stonewalling a response on a simple matter like this, what else is the Government unwilling to disclose – especially from the “most” transparent Presidency “ever”?

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