fiscal cliff

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Final act of the 112th Congress: House passes fiscal cliff deal

The fiscal cliff has not been averted, but diverted. The debt ceiling has come and gone with no doubt that it will be a central point of contention before the 1st quarter ends. The country remains fiscally mismanaged, and not a single elected official has the ability to compromise and create a consensus on how to even slow the rate of monetary instability.

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Commentary – fiscal cliff is just the latest rough patch in spending spree

Only an elected official can gain praise for doing their job poorly, if at all. Only a politician can claim success in the face of failure. Only an elected official can expect to be rewarded with continued work, while their constituents are upset and the repercussions of their action detract from the quality of life

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Hurricane Sandy + Sandy Hook shooting = higher taxes on the rich. What??

As eloquent as President Obama may be, this statement is reaching in all respects. But is this is the degree that he must go to defend what he is asking for to resolve the fiscal cliff, the problem is likely what he is asking for and not “Ideolological positions that don’t make much sense.”

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Reviewing the where and what of the fiscal cliff

Given this sobering view of the fiscal cliff, both political parties reveal their impotence on what is truly at stake – the viability long-term of the United States. Of course, being honest and stating that the problems will be deferred to the next budget and the next administration and the next generation as usual severely limits electability.

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