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Lost Episode: What is an Affidavit vote and how does it affect voting?

A rarely used term in elections is the Affidavit ballot, sometimes called a Provisional ballot. What is that? How is it counted, who makes it? Will this relatively unknown part of the election process change who will represent the public, or has it already?

Vass Political Commentary - No Soundbites Allowed podcast image by Heather L. Micha

Simulcast #16 – The Ford v Kavanaugh debacle that is harming America – your thoughts discussed

With our 16th Facebook Live simulcast of the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast, we address the on-going controversy of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. We look specifically at the impact that the proceedings will have on future allegations, with and without proof, and the potential for abuse. An intense discussion directly with the public on a hot button issue. Comments welcomed.

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