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Karen Monahan alleges abuse by Keith Ellison of DNC

Democrats won’t stand for woman vs. DNC

Democrats often state, especially during the Senate Supreme Court nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, that they are THE protectors of women and women’s issues. Which seems to ring hollow given the internal “investigation” of the DNC on the abuse allegation against Vice-Chairman Keith Ellison. Hint: It’s not the same policy as offered about Christine Ford.

Facebook commentary – Lives saved in Oklahoma by samaritans with guns

The differences, in both tone and information provided, of reporting on mass shootings by major news media seems to apparently conform to partisan political biases, This commentary, as found on Facebook, takes a quick look at 5 points that can be seen in reporting of the Oklahoma shooting stopped by armed good samaritans.

Facebook commentary: Anthony Brindisi character in question in $300 million Utica Hospital scandal

This all matters because the NY-22 and nation deserve transparent elected officials that actually represent the people and their best interests. This Utica Hospital scandal highlights that Anthony Brindisi won’t do these things as an Assemblyman, so imagine if he gained the power of Congress?

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