Courts and gun laws

Hidden gun restriction Bills pushed by Gov. Cuomo, and their consequences

Imagine that across the State, without Due Process, part-time temporary kickball coaches, or school nurses, or school administrators were to call for removal of firearms from homes, especially minority homes according to GAO. Based on a Facebook post or text. Resulting in the children of those homes being removed by CPS. Imagine that happens at a rate 23% higher with minority children than any other group of children. This is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to have enacted via Red Flag law in New York State.

Red Flag laws assault freedom

Discussing Cuomo’s Red Flag laws, teachers and children – No Soundbites Allowed podcast Transcript

Transcript of the third segment of the June 6, 2018 podcast at NO Soundbites Allowed. This segment addressed the push for Red Flag (or ERPO) laws in NYS and Gov. Cuomo’s conscription of teachers as enforcers of such anti-2nd Amendment policy.

@nd Amendment - then and now

Stripping Rights and firearms, one small Bill at a time

If an ever expanding list of firearms is banned, or arbitrarily seized, or ownership is criminalized, isn’t that the effective equivalent of outright seizure? Worse, the Right is being seized – and if one Right can be taken, then all Rights can. Especially when the first Right to go is the very one defending all other Rights.

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