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Sen. Gillibrand is the hawkish dove of New York Democrats

The latest twist finds Senator Gillibrand changing course on Middle East policy. From a dove seeking peace through economic and diplomatic action, to a hawk seeking military action against ISIS. But what is the real position of Sen. Gillibrand on international policy? Democrat leadership may never let us know.

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Opinion: Obama impeachment is about race

In fact, if we are honest the answer is that using the accusation of race or prejudice to justify any of these things is the true racism. President Obama has broken the faith of many of the American people – of every color/sex/creed and what have you. He has done things, and promised to do things, that justify that discussion.The false shield of racism will not protect President Obama from talk of impeachment, as it never should. Americans are bigger than that. Our President should be as well.

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At what point did Blacks lose choice in voting?

The 15th Amendment did not allow freedom to choose within a singular political group. It did not promote ostracizing different views nor demand a unification of action based on race, creed or any other criteria. Blacks, POC’s and all citizens in America have choice. Only when we forget that does the nation suffer, because the best choice for all of America can never be realized when only some of the people are allowed, implicitly or explicitly, to have choice in an election.

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