Anti-Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Red Flag legislation: A comprehensive review for NY and nation – part 1

The first in a series of articles – all part of a presentation on Red Flag or ERPO or Extreme Risk Protection Orders pending in New York State or active in other States. Sources used for this series of Articles can be found in the final part of the series. News media are encouraged to use this as a guide on this legislative issue. This includes the introduction and themes of the speech/presentation.

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Can Congress sue the President?

Thus the question becomes, without partisan defense of their own party for political self-interest, has the Executive Branch grown in power such that it today exceeds the intended limits outlined in the Constitution? Congress must act, not just because of the promise of even further unilateral legislation, but because the power of the Executive is a slippery slope to a form of Government that our Founding Fathers created the Constitution to fight against.

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Response to Louis Michael Seidman NYT OpEd: A sobering vision for 2013

Louis Michael Seidman wrote a NY Times OpEd in favor of revamping the Constitution, if not rejecting it in whole, as it is a document of “downright evil provisions”. We respond to this OpEd, and dispute the conclusions. The Constitution may be many things, flaws and all, but it is not the root of the fiscal problems in America today. To discard it, on the basis of what it has no control over nor was ever meant to, is folly for the masses and opportunism of vultures for the few that wish to remake the nation.

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