Courts and gun laws

Red Flag legislation: A comprehensive review for NY and nation – part 3

The third in a series of articles – all part of a presentation on Red Flag or ERPO or Extreme Risk Protection Orders pending in New York State or active in other States. Sources used for this series of Articles can be found in the final part of the series. News media are encouraged to use this as a guide on this legislative issue. We continue in this part on how ERPO and Mass shootings are presented to the public, and what are the common factors that comprise a Red Flag legislation.


Simulcast #12: Facebook Live with your questions and comments on Trump and protesters in Utica NY; Chris and Andrew Cuomo against America; Antifa; and more

Speaking directly with the public, talking about what matters to you, in this simulcast we covered the Cuomo’s – Chris justifying violence of Antifa and Andrew bashing America. But we also talk about Utica and protesters. Not to be left out we discuss PLOT (Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow) and the far left. Not bad for the unofficial 100th episode.

Michael Vass covering President Trump as part of White House Press Pool

Review of our firsthand coverage of President Trump visit to Utica NY, and aftermath; Discussing the N-word via Omarosa and beyond; The Cuomo’s don’t like America

First-hand reaction to President Trump in Utica, NY and the protester that opposed it, as well as the reaction in media to talk about it. The bigger question and confusion about the N-word – who can use it, when and where, and why is it acceptable. Plus the shocking approval of violence to silence free speech as well as the hate of America from the Cuomo brothers. A lot to discuss in this NO Soundbites Allowed podcast.

Facebook commentary – Lives saved in Oklahoma by samaritans with guns

The differences, in both tone and information provided, of reporting on mass shootings by major news media seems to apparently conform to partisan political biases, This commentary, as found on Facebook, takes a quick look at 5 points that can be seen in reporting of the Oklahoma shooting stopped by armed good samaritans.

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