Claudia Tenney

Devin Nunes and Claudia Tenney

Exclusive: The good, bad, and facts of the Nunes/Tenney fundraiser and protest

In depth review of the 4+ hour event with protesters and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and NY-22 Rep. Claudia Tenney. Because major news media coverage of 2 minutes to 28 seconds is not enough to inform voters.

Result of Antifa

Q & A simulcast #9 via Facebook Live: Social Justice warrior for Sheriff, Antifa targeting Binghamton, and abolishing ICE – the law that Dems won’t agree to

In this Facebook Live simulcast, we talk with the public about the impact of Matt Ryan running for Broome County Sheriff on the local community. We also discuss the potential of Antifa invading Broome County, and the riots they have caused across the country, and the upcoming even with Devin Nunes – House Intelligence Chairman and Claudia Tenney of the NY-22. Plus public response to the news that Democrats will vote against their own abolish ICE Bill (HR 6361). Once again the public speaks out on the issues of the day.

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